A Gold Digging Twit

Wow, What a Cool (NO HOT) Movie!

We went to see this thing tonight, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." Away we went from all of the hideous news, the torrid economy, and the misery men put on us all, to a beautiful place in Oregon where the werewolves and vampires roam. It was fun, beautiful, infused with meanings, themes of friendship, abandonment, true love, and innocence of heart. In the characters you will rediscover the friends and lovers of your own, remember the mistakes you made, and relive some of your childish fears. If you are young anyway, then you are going to love it even more.

The vampires are splendid, the werewolves are fabulous. Just go see it. See it on the big screen...see it NOW.


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I have heard many good things about that movie, but have yet to see the 1st one. If I watch them in the wrong order, will it matter a lot? I did go see "Blind Side", and it was a really good show.

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