The Sorrow on Myself
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Murder in Bellville, The Light, and a Little Speech on Ethics

Maron Thomas, 20, is accused of killing his mother, stepfather, brother, sister, and two-year old niece near Bellville Sunday morning. He's in jail, and now he is formally charged, but my neighbors have all of their outdoor lights on again tonight. Of course, it was okay for them to try to take my security light down. What an insulting statement they made with that stunt. Remember this MESS?

Written in passive voice....but not by a passive writer....

An ordinary light can become a symbol for opinions both trite and ignorant. A light can wend itself into an object of politics, a signal of social class, and a beacon of power misplaced. In the wrong hands, a light can become a weapon for a crowd of buffoons; a meaningless discount on a larger and more problematic electricity concern. A single light can become a tool in the hands of cronies; an implement used for insult, not safety or comfort. But for a woman in the dark, the light is a guard. Glowing against the shadowey corners of the fence, lighting the walkway steady like a good friend; the beam beckons or hastens away. When driving, or walking up to the lighted area, one can look for the out of place candy wrapper, smoldering cigarette, or shadowy figure. Intuition has a helpmate in hand; the light is a partner against crime, against the knife, or a gun. But why should anyone care who doesn’t depend on the light? After all, a light activated by motion should be good enough for a woman coming home, or going out, all alone at night. It should suffice for the ‘underclass,’ or a person of questionable origin or heritage, an outsider. It ought to be good enough for such a woman and her child. All of this noise about the light ought to make one wonder, “How did we arrive here? What controversy or quibble has the light ensued?”

The gardening crew was out today doing our community lawn. It is my opinion, and I am sure most of you would agree, that using other people's money for your own benefit is not only unethical, but most likely not legal. I am not a lawyer, but I don't take other people's money for my own use. If I lay claim to an area of the garden, and I don't allow others to use or plant in that area, then it seems to me that I should get out there and work in it myself. If I hire the crew to work my personal garden area, then I should pay them with a check out of my own account---not one from the townhome fund. Furthermore, I should not use other people's money to buy anything for myself. It's a NO BRAINER!!!

I am looking at a pretty ugly situation out there.

Must Be A Fallen Angel


My weblog is going to suffer for a while. I just hope all of my regular readers will be patient with me and not slip away. I understand that I am not very interesting, but I want to thank you for sticking with me and clicking on my little ads. If you can hang on until March, I promise to get busy and write some things that are truly interesting.


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