The Darker Side of Robert Frost
Stephen Sudduth, Accused Child Porn Purveyor

After Today's Appointment

   Thomas worked out of his Volkswagon in Castaic, California. He polished trucks to pay for his college and support his shifty girlfriend. Sometimes he would show up with a surfboard strapped to the roof, and his hands were still wrinkled from the cold Pacific water. He liked Kurt Cobain, wore his hair in the coolest surfer style, and he was smart and handsome. He would tell me about his life, and how tired he was of the constant bickering with his lazy chick. He told me she would show up after clubbing around LA before daylight, tired and high. He would take her in, feed her some breakfast, load up his books and board, and head out for the day.

    When I go to Castaic now, all of the men polishing trucks are from Mexico. They are nice enough...

After today's appointment, I sat in my car thinking about Thomas. I watched the people run in and out of the Starbucks; Castaic has two of those now. I thought about walking to Lake Hughes with my dog and watching the boats putter around while Thomas used his grinder on my truck. I remember how beautiful it was when I would walk up to the polished aluminum tanks, sparkling and clean; my Pete glowed in the California sun. I would pay him in cash and head to Oxnard, or Bakersfield, Fresno, and sometimes Sacramento.

I guess I am just tired from my busy morning appointment.

Sheeps go to heaven and goats go to hell. Where have we heard this? 


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