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Maureen Dowd is Acting Like a Dweed Again

Toning Down the Oscars

Gosh, I thought they were going to tone down the Oscars this year. I am watching them right now, and they are just as glamorous and beautiful as ever, even more so. The settings are spectacular, the hosts are funnier than ever, the gowns are absolutely sensational, and ten films are in the race, the most nominated since 1943.

They did a tribute to our scariest horror films of all time; now that I am spooked, my dog walk around the property should be a bit more interesting than usual; I am such a lightening rod for controversy. A ghastly figure on a moped may chase me down, followed by an old witch holding a plastic pot full of bones yelling, "You should move, you should just mooovvee!!!!"  

Whatever hateful backbiting I must endure from the old neighborhood gossips, tonight I am really enjoying the 82nd Academy Awards. I have my soft little dog, a nice gin, a bowl of popcorn, and a nice big Vizio television. This year I have had a chance to catch up on bookoo movies, television, my favorite stars, popular plays, wonderful literature, and fabulous costumes via the internet. My taste really hasn't changed much: Jessica Parker is still a bland blah, but Sandra Bullock is a queen of glamour, style, and grace. Edward is more handsome than Jacob; yet, I am still in love with Jack. However, Jeff Bridges wins Actor in a leading role making him the man-of-the-night with a beautiful wife.

Sandra Bullock wins the nomination for best leading actress for the film, "The Blindside." She is absolutely an artist to the depth of her soul. For the first time a woman won an Academy award for best director: Kathryn Bigelow for the film, "The Hurt Locker." The success of this film is profound. Kathryn's film was about the topic of war; she's a big winner in a very male dominated industry.

She has won Best Picture. She is on fire!


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