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Cartel Wars and Liberal Media Bias

In the Houston Chronicle June 25th edition, writer Dudley Althaus authors the piece titled "Mexico Mine Shaft" 56 corpses and 4 heads pulled from Mexico mine.

The article is very well written and Dudley does an excellent job of describing the details of this horrific discovery. However, he like other liberal media writers in favor of open borders, and clean slates for illegal immigrants, tosses in a last line codicil, a quote from the local official involved:

"These might have been bad people," Rivera said of the victims. "But their families are not at fault. They need to know."

This is not the first time I have heard Cartel victims described as "bad" or "deserving" of their fate. I believe the media throws this bone in because they want to defend the status quo. They want me and you to believe that Cartel victims are just killing off each other, and that they all deserve a horrible undignified death. As long as they can keep the border as porous as possible, the votes might keep rolling into the democratic party. I know this sounds far-fetched, but you must read the article to find its fatal logical flaw. Rivera, the state criminologist, admits they were only able to identify a handful of the victims. He has no idea who was thrown into this mine shaft, or for what reasons. He admits this, yet the paper quotes him as saying they were "bad" people.

My complaint is that the Cartels are basically involved in a blood lust. We don't want that here in the United States. You can't operate any business, legitimate or illegal, if you have a bunch of violence taking place. I believe the media's slant on this subject is intentional and geared towards keeping our border undefended.

But even if I am wrong, ethically it is inappropriate for any official or media outlet to report that victims deserve their fate. We simply do not know who the Cartel has murdered, or for what reason. These victims have not received a trial, they have not been charged, and many are simply not identified.

How can any person responsibly condemn a soul they have no knowledge of?

Most of us have enough sense to read this stuff with a grain of salt. But many people less educated or worldly will not ponder this ethical question. Maybe I shouldn't shoulder all of the blame onto liberal media...and I have some liberal tendencies myself: I pity the souls in the mine shaft, and I don't care if they are Cartel guys.

I feel sorry for Mexico.

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Tony Hayward, Obama: The End is Nigh

Last week I bought a Kindle Reader with money my sister handed over for my birthday. Today I am reading the Houston Chronicle on my Kindle and I find out that Amazon has reduced the price by 70 dollars in response to the competition from the Nook Reader and others. This is my typical brand of financial luck.
I wonder if that is how BP feels, the downside of saving a buck. Rather than put in the extra tough pipe casing, they go for something cheaper. Now we all live with the threat of a crater opening up under the sea floor, the oil overtaking the water column.
Obama can go ahead and play his golf game for all I care. If he was a man of quality, then he would have rolled his shirt sleeves up and stood alongside Tony Hayward until this catastrophe was under control. We are in a national emergency (since day one) and all of this political grandstanding hasn't solved the problem.
Tony reminds me of a long ago lover, a man who after the kindest of words walked off anyway into a better life. Seeing him perched on his yacht made my heart twinge with that same bitter pain...he left us less than what we were after promising to stick it out until the end. He is so disloyal, heartless, and uncaring about the people in the Gulf.
Obama doesn't have to worry, the end is nigh. He has back stabbed the American public again by not protecting our border. We don't want the cartel guys roaming back and forth with their jewel encrusted pistols, fancy sneakers, and lack of moral sanctity. We want a return to the days of cheech and chong when pot was innocent and illegal aliens were the exception and not the norm. What more do we in the south have to face?
We are watching our precious Gulf turn into a watery wasteland; the wild life is suffering and dying. Our seafood and oil industries are facing catastrophic losses.
Why is Obama hanging around the White House letting the likes of Paul McCartney entertain him? At least Tony was out on the rig working. He even wore regular clothes and chatted it up with regular folks. He spent time on the beaches, and made lofty promises. How striking that a crook like Tony can outshine our own president. He can outwork our own president; and, he can outparty our own president.
Obama should be down in the Gulf writing executive orders and cutting through bureaucratic red tape and egoistic nonsense.
We are watching the Mexican people, our neighbors, descend into a horror so unconscionable that the average person cannot intellectually process it. Yet, Obama refuses to send their government a clear message: we do not intend to tolerate that behavior in our own country. Instead his administration sides against lawful intervention and sues the state of Arizona. No wonder the cartel guys are so brazen, they have Obama's support.

Tony Hayward is making upwards of thirty-thousand dollars a day. You would think he could put his life on hold for a little while. We let Obama ride around on Air force One and we treat him like an elite. Yet, he slaps his own country in the face like this. . BP cheaped out a rig and now we have the worst environmental disaster to ever take place in our country's history.
We let Obama lead us into mediocrity.
He is dragging our country into a third world kind of wasted plain existence; all people all things being equal...
But Tony Hayward is just what we should expect.
Well I have a load to haul.

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Getting Held Up by Prime Time

I need a big clock like the kind you hang in your kitchen. One that is round with big numbers and a second hand that clicks audibly from line to line then number to number. I need a piece of gold chain to attach to my big clock. I am going to hang it around my neck when I go into the shipping office to sign in.

No matter what time I finally get my last pick up, my customer needs his produce on time. Shipping offices are worried about their own time...time to watch soccer, eat at the picnic table, flirt with the girls, and look at the internet from the office computer.

Last night I sat around Prime Time for hours waiting on three pallets of peppers. Ridiculous. I could be in Phoenix by now. Instead I was worn out from sitting around that place, so I am in Denny's eating junk food and worrying about managing my new schedule.

If that place had an express door, you wouldn't be able to back into it. I sat in the street for thirty minutes while some foreign guy in a Volvo struggled to get his trailer backed into the hole.

In spite of all of our issues, we still have the best distribution system in the world. But when you are tired and dirty sitting around a place like Prime Time, your sense of humor is your best asset.

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BP, Trucking, and the Walruses

Today I am out here burning up my share of natural resources feeling kind of tired, but sincerely amused, by the NY Times article describing BIG OIL's disaster response plans. According to the Times article walruses have not lived in the Gulf area for 3million years. I have to believe them on this one, because I think it's a bit too hot for that kind of wild life in our area. So why in the world would BIG OIL include this creature in their Gulf disaster plan? Could it be they didn't know? That is a frightening idea if you ask me.

All I know is if I tip my load of hazardous material off into a creek, then someone from the Highway Patrol is going to investigate me to death. In the meantime, I will probably have to fork over my certification. If I told an officer of the law I was swerving to miss a mammoth, then I would likely receive a few days in jail. I don't consider my BIG OIL counterparts any more 'important' than myself.

I did have a chance to visit with a cute environmentalist activist type that kept swerving over into my lane. When I pulled off to buy some fuel, of all the terrible things, he quizzed me about my rate of travel, size of my truck, wind velocity, and mile per gallon. I told him I had been learning to drive since 1981, and I could get better mileage with my foot than most people could get with aerodynamics.

"There are just too many big fast trucks on the road," he griped. I told him to buy and eat everything local if he didn't like it...he was from Minnesota...I think that explains everything.

The mess in the Gulf is proof that BP and other oil companies have been flying by the seat of their pants since the beginning of offshore drilling. Their disaster plan is a joke...but walruses are a cute idea.

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Sealy News and Stephen Sudduth Pretrial

I noticed a huge uptick in website hits on July 7 and 8. I know this is because my readers are anxious to hear what is happening with the Stephen Sudduth accused kiddie porn pervert pretrial hearing. I apologize for missing this important date. As most of you know, I have been working around the country and I have been unable to visit the local Court.

The truth is, I really believed in my heart that the Sealy News would pick up this important story. I guess I ignored this moment intentionally wondering about the outcome. It was, of course, predictable. For whatever misguided reason the local paper has failed to follow up on this important story. I believe it is a cultural problem. If I were a child predator, I would look to Sealy for habitation. It has an inviting atmosphere...

I am about as popular around here as a great case of incurable gonorrhea. However, I intend to stay the course because I have a monetary investment in this rather sordid community. If I witnessed the appropriate level of outrage concerning this event and others, then my attitude would probably give way to something more amiable.

What we all must remember is that many great people live around the Sealy area. They too sit in amazement while the local scum revels in illusions of grandeur believing in their very limited vision and wisdom.

Can you tell I am a very angry mother? I am disgusted by this turning of the nose and refusal to face the facts.

Put on your flip flops you cowardly pissants of orderly shame; the rest of us are giggling at your apathetic and ignorant snake handling.

Literacy, Ignorance, and the Biddy Brigade

I drove by the school and I saw a woman who works in the office waddle out in a tight pair of faded old jeans, t-shirt, and flip-flops. She is a nasty looking, unfriendly, snotty, farce. My son has seen better dressed women working the parking lot of the Flying J Truckstop. However, she is privileged for her willingness to 'play along;' for in her simple mind the people working with her are rather elite…sadly, they are not.

Literacy includes an extensive and variable range of competencies: understanding of documents ranging from bills to court motions, numerical computation and calculator skill, reading comprehension, and verbal, as well as, digital communication. Without these literacy components, children will not possess sufficient power, or ability, to enter regular society…but wait…maybe this isn't true.

"If you want to make a child apologize, then you better know how to spell it."

It's just something about the neck. Come on now…you must 'play along.' Let's make a fourth grader stand before a judge for some frivolous childish squabble. We can label this child before he has a chance to overcome his substantial battle towards success and independence. We can hasten his trip to prison; pigeon hole him before he is even assigned a cell. You unmitigated trash.

"Shame—on you, for your ignorant finger pointing nonsense."

In his book, Illiterate America, Jonothan Kozol, a respected school reformist, discusses an important paradox many Americans hesitate to accept: public schools serve as the foundation of a two class society while attempting to preach democracy and patriotism:

The children of those who are already literate, enfranchised, and empowered learn the exercise of power. The children of those who are not literate, who have been disenfranchised and remain excluded from the exercise of power, learn to accommodate themselves to impotence and capitulation. Those who are privileged achieve the competence with which to shape the future. Those who are not acquire an attitude of civilized accommodation which will allow them to fit into slots that are provided for them in that future—or else remain excluded from the future altogether (76).

It's true, I already know about your worthless paper; I have a copy of Illiterate America, and I have been reading about school reform since I was in junior high. You can split hairs all day long, and still walk away with no useful knowledge. Isn't that what you have been doing in education all of these years, splitting hairs? But you should know how to spell 'apologize.' If you have a useful piece of paper, that is.

So I ask, "Why would anyone work where a child is given in-school-suspension for eating one Jolly Rancher Candy?" "What kinds of ingrates live around here?"

The fact that over 3million children are suspended from school every year should send an alarm signal to those who create public policy. Many of these suspensions are related to zero tolerance policies implemented by faculties that are unwilling to use common sense when handling discipline issues, silly little problems unworthy of police intervention. It isn't for the children; it is for the fat old biddies, wearing flip flops, and worrying about hot or chilly temperatures and some excuse to not have recess. This lazy "holier than thou" attitude is sending a lot of really smart kids to prison…look at the stats…if you can understand them.

I am busy thinking about a small, sick, autistic girl forced to sit on a cold basketball court to wait for the bus. She was shivering while they stood around huffing in the chill and glaring down at this group of challenged children. What is wrong with these people?

I wonder if they are afraid of a little competition. Is this why they work so hard to ruin a child's life? O, I am not saying they are all bad; I am only thinking of the majority…

Russell Skiba, a previous professor at Indiana State, and chair of the Safe and Responsive Schools Project found through research that elementary students who were suspended had a much greater chance of dropping out of high school. He believes in a connection between zero tolerance and future incarceration. He also discovered states with high incidents of school suspension suffered "higher juvenile incarceration rates" (qtd. In Fuentes 3). I guess this is what people around here want for Texas: more prisons, bigger prisons, more violent prisons, a more illiterate population, an unsafe state. That would make us all happier and more prosperous…hmm, must have learned that piece of logic from your methods of hair splitting class.

I am looking for an office where the workers are professional. I will know it when I see it. I won't see any flip flops, or ratty hair. Some slime ball will not waddle out of an office wearing something I would only paint the house in. (If someone came to my office like that, they would go home and change). I am looking for smiles, service, a kind word, even if I am in a difficult mood. I know a professional when I have seen one, and they don't go to school looking like Cindy Lauper. They can even pronounce properly the name of the institution they work for. The people in this office will be known for their hard work, and not their ability to alter documents with white out. They will have respect for the parents of the children they serve.

I am looking for a real school.

Update: Stephen Sudduth Kiddie Porn Trial

Yesterday I took the time to visit our local courthouse to find out if any more changes had been made in the Stephen Wayne Sudduth child pornography trial. The Office of the Texas Attorney General is prepared to present their case in July. Pretrial hearings begin July 6, 2010.

This case is of special importance to the residents of Austin County. People who traffic in child pornography are a danger to children and communities. This case is especially heinous because the accused was a certified Texas educator working with children in his preferential category. He is a dangerous and duplicitous child predator; we desperately need him off the streets and out of our community.

For more information on child predators, child pornography, and child sex rings please read the attached journal article from the United States Department of Justice.

Human trafficking is a heartless vicious crime closely associated with child pornograpy, pedophilia, and other sexual offenses. Many of the children exploited in pornography are victims of kidnapping, family violence, and eventually fall prey to disease or murder. Not only that, they must live with their images moving around the world via the web.

Only a heartless and cold individual could cater to this kind of depravity. Let's make sure we keep these people locked up forever.

The Groaning Under My Feet: BP and a Host of Characters

You can't possibly mean that the floor beneath me will give away into a hole so awful I would scream myself into insanity, a place so chilled it could keep a child's room cold in the heat of August. An unused hairy abyss, cringing with disdain, a face creased into parentheses, hateful in design, and stinking filthy breath: a bitter woman of sorts. Is this the fate we meet under the sea, the end of Tony Hayward's hapless journey into international fame of sordid variety? He is so handsome with his curly hair and lilting English accent, a man of power and duplicity, he wants to deny the depth of the hole beneath him. I feel that way also…my mind ponders the possibility and I am saddened by the filth, yet, I understand.

He hurls you along, and behind him a trail of dead sea, a flotilla of hard cash sink into an eternal wasteland, a bitter woman of sorts; she wants to take our money, but bitter lines along the side of her face hinder her ability, she sinks without a sound. I am laughing at her frivolity.

Good cop--bad cop, hail to the Chief! Enter Doug Suttles, beautiful man of the hour. He can melt the audience with a glare from the podium, standing above the microphone, like the leader of an engineering army, he politely calms the masses. His southern voice softly edges the angry crowd into thoughtfulness, a brief moment of serenity; yet, he does nothing to stop pointing fingers of chemical death robbing the Gulf of its air. A black hand is upon the white shoreline, a hermit crab pulls itself from a greasy hole. It dies in the sun. I watch it from my television. I am standing on the floor, my air conditioner whirrs in the background. I miss the powdery beach with its colorful rainbow of umbrellas stretched along the sand. My child asked me not to cry, so I won't.

When the floor beneath us breaks off into the endless cold abyss, I hope it is warm enough to run a saw.

'Can you fit that pipe into the top, please?'

The Gulf Oil Catastrophe is on the Backburner Again

People in the Gulf of Mexico are losing their way of life, homes, and businesses. One of the world's most beautiful and interesting beach areas is becoming polluted with oil thanks to a drilling rig foul up. The delicate marshlands on which the survival of untold species of living things is becoming a wasteland of dead grass. Animals are suffering and dying. Life on the planet will likely be radically affected by this horrendous mistake. Yet, all the darn news cares about is some mess the Israeli army is involved in that has nothing to do with us.

Not only that, they spend time reporting on frivolities when they should be out conducting interviews with Gulf residents.

I would like to see some personal stories, pictures of the Gulf, a trajectory on this mess, and my President down there with his shirt sleeves rolled up. This is a national emergency if ever we had one. Priorities are skewed as usual via the ignorance of media elite.

I realize the Gulf Catastrophe is not the only important event of the last few weeks; however, it never has received the appropriate amount of attention, resulting in a watered down response effort.

Now Obama wants to look at criminal charges against the companies involved...I doubt if the statute of limitations is going to run out on this deal in the near future. I think now is the time to get everyone together on the same page so we can solve this problem before it pollutes the entire Gulf Coast, along with the precious water column.

I have always said Hillary Clinton would have made an excellent president. If Obama doesn't get his rear end down there to the Gulf and put his hands on this ordeal, then I will become a staunch republican.

The American people made a grave mistake when they elected Obama.