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Rush, Rush, Rush, So Tired of That!

Well I have enjoyed my 20 hours at home...had I not had a leaky wheel seal, I might have actually been able to stay at home for 24. Anyway, look below for my posts from my Sprint Blackberry.

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An Open Letter to my Friend: Mexico

Dear Mexican Trucker,

You and I have been around and around before, and I appreciate your patience with me and my ignorant Yankee ways. But I can't go to Mexico and enjoy trucking the way I have in Canada. First of all no one, including you, is going to show me the ropes (unless they hang me from a bridge).

I lived in Canada for over ten years, I got married, I angered a boatload of people, and I never found, or even heard of, a mass grave. I am, according to my immigration counselor, a special bird because I am the first American woman to live in Canada as a landed immigrant and drive a truck across the international border for a living by herself. I made my first trip in 1986. It was winter and I was scared to death. When I got to California, the highway patrol followed me for at least 20 miles. I never once worried about extortion. I was afraid he would bitch because I was an American with an Alberta license driving a Canadian truck.

I believe in legal immigration. I am a legal immigrant myself. I stood in line behind everyone else, I took a physical, I took an oath. I love Canada and respect its laws.

When Nafta was signed by President Clinton, I dreamed of being the first American woman to live in Mexico and drive a Mexican truck back and forth across the border by herself for a living. I would have felt privileged to tackle the Mexican red tape.

I used to visit the border towns and deliver around Laredo, Mexicali, etc. I crossed over by myself, bought flowers, gave money to children, ate the food, and drank margaritas, (sometimes with my ex-husband). I loved the culture, people, places, the dirty streets, the kind women, the liquor…I love it all.

No one would have believed when Nafta was signed that Mexico would descend into the horror it is now. We all believed in Mexico and thought it would become civilized, and safe. Instead it is now practically a narco-state. It is ridiculous to claim that trucking and cartels have no connection.

What about Transportes des Autos? Weren't they just recently shut down for money laundering?

I agree with the cartel guys on one thing…Calderone needs to go. He is just a total egomaniac…but my reasons are different.

I am not racist. I have strong connections to Mexico…. I love Latin culture, the kind people, the beautiful desert, and I know they can overcome the misery they now endure. I am disappointed and offended by the horrific crime, and the attitude from Calderone and other Mexican officials. It is time for them to admit they have not lived up to the spirit of Nafta. They have not prepared Mexico for cross border trucking; if I want to venture out, I will go back to Canada.

Trucking and Blogging Again

Once again I will be blogging from my laptop and Sprint Blackberry. I hope all of you will continue to follow me as I travel the country. Remember to follow my tweets @lawanda43.

Since I can't feature an article, or use keywords and tags from my Blackberry, you will have to follow the articles below. When I have good wi-fi I will use my laptop.

I don't know when I will be back home...maybe soon.

I love all of you...well that's a lie!

Tired of Catering to Mexico: Mexican trucks? They are already here!

In his article featured in the Houston Chronicle, "Trucking Dispute rumbles toward dead end," writer, Stewart M. Powell, articulates a very slanted and one-sided view of the Mexican trucking debate (he favors the Mexican side). Powell has probably never even sat in a truck, or had the dubious pleasure of sharing the road with a third-world trucker intent on spreading his own traditional driving style as far north as possible.

Mexican truck drivers have their own skill sets and few of them jive with the world's finest transportation system via the United States. This includes, but not limited to: tailgating, cutting off of other trucks in parking lots, bright lighting passers, sleeping in fuel islands, showering in fuel islands, throwing trash everywhere possible, refusing to speak English, driving total junk, rate-cutting, wrecking and fleeing to the far reaches of Mexico, stealing fuel, stealing chrome, third-world ideas about women, smuggling anything and everything, and last but certainly not least, a total disrespect for the American truckers way of business.

Wake up people! The Mexican truck is already doing business way north of the border. Just last week I sat in line at an HEB warehouse behind two bona fide Mexican trucks. They had Mexican names on the doors, Mexican license plates, and Mexican drivers were operating the vehicles. They probably acquired loads from an American brokerage. These are loads an American truck would have hauled for higher pay.

I don't have any problem sharing my industry with Mexican nationals. My gripe is that it isn't safe, nor is it advisable, for any American trucker to venture into Mexico with a truck and load. This is a slap in the face of NAFTA…the Mexicans have done NOTHING to prepare their marketplace, and their infrastructure, for American trucking. Just as they are to travel into our market, we are supposed to enjoy theirs.

You would have to be a complete idiot, or else brave as heck, to travel down into that mess with a nice rig.

Until Calderon, and his bunch of cronies, have evened up the playing field, my Mexican counterpart can forget about me welcoming him/her into my country.

I am fed up with this liberal media bias concerning an American tradition and way of life.

Hands off till you know what you are talking about.

Two Dogs Peein’ on a Post

I ain't never smelt so much cat litter as what I smell right now comin' outa that ole hags 'partment!

Yea, but that nasty old dried up cat hadn't seed the light a' day since God knowed when.

Them ole biddies too worried 'bout what they young neighbors are a doin' to smell themselves.

They worried 'bout a picnic table.

A picnic table?

Yea, they worried somebody might gather 'round the picnic table out here at the dog area and start addin' two plus two…minus the white-out.

The hot Texas sun beat down on two old dogs peein' on a post. One was ragged with his hair all reddish brown, but the other one had a grey withered muzzle. They were both wise to the ways of humans full of false self-importance. The miserable dry wind blew around the hungry ole dog's legs, but a kind Hispanic woman reached over and flipped on the sprinkler before she shooed them out of the way.

Something was smellin' around the 'partment: maybe the dumpster, the nasty ole cat, or just the filth of the ole biddies breath; whatever it was, the dogs who were peein' on a post wisely sniffed along.

Meanwhile, old tongues were waggin' their lies, while dog's tails whipped the air.

"You can't stop what is comin.'" (phrase borrowed from the film "No Country for Old Men")

arizona bail bondsman meets crazy man

i just wanted to see if this post was even going to get noticed or not so i wrote this blog thinking about one of my crazy experiences out bounty hunting. It's truly and art you know, it's not at all like Dog the Bounty Hunter.  Thanks to a couple of house invaders posing as Bail Bond Agents they made state laws that crippled a bounty hunters freedom to run around the country and actually kick in doors.  Now being a bounty hunter makes a guy think of gunfights, car chases, hand to hand combat, at least in my imagination that's how it is, but; those days are's all about investigation and paperwork. well not all of it, there is an occasional tasing and minor wrestlin or boxin match and clearin a house is downright scary.


Kelby has a very exciting life, and a fascinating family. He will be fun to follow!

Sudduth Trial Reset Again

Our favorite accused kiddie porn pervert, Stephen Wayne Sudduth, has received another new pretrial hearing set for October 20th.

I really don't know why he has received this delay, but I feel sure it was his attorney this time who made the request. I could be wrong, but I doubt if the Attorney General's Office is going to ask for another continuance.

He is still tucked away in jail.

After his conviction, and eventual release, he will likely return to the Sealy community where he obviously has many supporters and family members.

What kind of man will he be by then? What kind of risk will he present to Sealy children?

One only has to look at statistics and other official data to determine the probable likelihood of Sudduth's rehabilitation. Chances are he will be even more dangerous and destructive after years of incarceration. I am hoping he never gets out.

These disgusting and perverted compulsions are not controllable and animals who prey on children do not magically find GOD.

I am hoping the civic leaders of Sealy carefully consider the risks these types of predators pose to the local community, and make appropriate plans.

Kiddie porn is not a harmless or victimless past time that one should enjoy in the privacy of their home. This is cruelty beyond belief and we all have a duty to prevent it, and to not tolerate individuals who pursue an interest in exploiting our children.

I still find it unbelievable that the Sealy News does not cover any updates of information on this important trial.

My associate asked a Court House official their opinion concerning this topic.

They too are mystified.

I would not want my paper or my community to become misconstrued...I would not want an urban legend or tale to be spun about a connection between tolerance of child sexual exploitation and the community of Sealy, Texas. I would make an effort to create a collective voice that would discourage any future predators from finding Sealy a welcoming atmosphere, and a place to reside.

However, lots of damage has already been done, and many people are starting to speculate. They ask, "Is Sealy one of those places where adults are allowed to sexually exploit children?"

People are looking on this case with amazement, and wonder about the lack of outrage.

I strongly doubt that any "child sex ring" communities exist in the real world. But this is the kind of thing that people dread. It is the kind of thing that could happen in a town that uses cronyism to manage the schools and daily community affairs.

It is the kind of thing that could happen in a place that closes itself off from new ideas and people.

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Just Because I am a Girl doesn't mean...

This morning I had to convince a man that I was capable of route planning and time management. It's true, I am a girl, but that doesn't mean I can't plan a route or manage my time. In fact, I hardly ever agree to anything I can't actually do.

It also doesn't mean I can't sit down and fix my keyboard. Guess what...I can write from my Blackberry again.

I can also dispatch trusted associates to faraway locations to gather facts and figures. This means I MAY have a credible accounting of the fate of our favorite accused kiddie porn pervert, Stephen Wayne Sudduth, as early as Monday night. One of my neighbors told another neighbor (this is not credible information) that Sudduth was planning a lawsuit against the Sealy Police Department. Even if he is planning such an activity, it all sounds ludicrous to me. Anyway, this was my neighbor's excuse for the Sealy Newspaper's failure to cover this interesting case. Hogwash I say...there is no evidence that Sudduth has any valid complaint whatsoever against Sealy PD or anyone else. I find it laughable.

So, as soon as I know, so too will you..even if I am only a girl.

I want to thank the nice people who have written me in response to my weblog.

And remember, if you do not agree with me, or if you believe I am uninformed or ignorant, then comments are always open on my site.

You can feel free to add to the discourse...just watch the language for the sake of my advertisers.

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