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Two Dogs Peein’ on a Post

I ain't never smelt so much cat litter as what I smell right now comin' outa that ole hags 'partment!

Yea, but that nasty old dried up cat hadn't seed the light a' day since God knowed when.

Them ole biddies too worried 'bout what they young neighbors are a doin' to smell themselves.

They worried 'bout a picnic table.

A picnic table?

Yea, they worried somebody might gather 'round the picnic table out here at the dog area and start addin' two plus two…minus the white-out.

The hot Texas sun beat down on two old dogs peein' on a post. One was ragged with his hair all reddish brown, but the other one had a grey withered muzzle. They were both wise to the ways of humans full of false self-importance. The miserable dry wind blew around the hungry ole dog's legs, but a kind Hispanic woman reached over and flipped on the sprinkler before she shooed them out of the way.

Something was smellin' around the 'partment: maybe the dumpster, the nasty ole cat, or just the filth of the ole biddies breath; whatever it was, the dogs who were peein' on a post wisely sniffed along.

Meanwhile, old tongues were waggin' their lies, while dog's tails whipped the air.

"You can't stop what is comin.'" (phrase borrowed from the film "No Country for Old Men")


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