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Five Ways I Can Protect Liberty in Honor of 9/11

1. I will not be bullied by gossip, lies, and cronies who are ignorant and narrow minded.

2. Whenever I spot inequity or injustice, I will happily post it to my blog.

3. In honor of the men in my family who bravely fought in foreign wars, I will continue our family tradition of courage and tenacity. {see 1.}

4. Since I can't go to war, I will use my pen and ink to construct ideas and arguments that create controversy and new meaning.

5. I will continue to defend women's rights.

We can all fight terrorism in our own communities by fighting inequity, prejudice, and corruption. We can't live in peace if we are forced into subjugation. It doesn't matter if the perpetrators are Muslim extremists or egotistic old women with nothing but dirty mouths. You have a duty to your children and our veterans to create an environment of equality in love; this is in keeping with the Bible and other Holy texts. You cannot "look the other way" when you are treated unethically.

Communities develop cultures that are tended over time. You cannot be undermined by a culture of hatred, cronyism, and bigotry. If you do, then soon your own children will be victimized by bullies... hatred, cronyism, and bigotry breeds bullies.

The schools become populated with staff that has no place in education; they are made ignorant by their own narrow vision. New people and new ideas are hastily chased away, or subjugated, bullied, and politicized until they no longer can survive the system. Children model this behavior...soon they inherit from the parents and civic leaders. This societal ill self perpetuates.

Communities like Sealy eventually dry up and blow away. Business leaves, people move out, the tax base suffers, and the bullies are left looking at each other and not much else.

Sometimes I drive by a community with a bill board posting a welcome. People are encouraged to "buy and live in Anycity, USA." This happens because they have recognized the value in people from new places. They honor and appreciate new and diverse ideas. In Sealy you are treated with suspicion, disgust, and outright contempt if you are a relocating person with dreams and ideas. Disrespect is the norm.

Tonight I was asked by a dear friend why I keep up the fight. I could afford to live almost anywhere, so why here?  Sealy is at the breaking point and the community has reached the end of the cycle. It will soon have changes, and they will be for the best.

I think it will be worth it....I am going to wait it out.

So on this terrible anniversary I am not going to worry about Muslim extremists;even though I haven't forgotten them.

 I am just fighting a war I can win.  


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