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Thoughts on the Sudduth Case, and Meals on Wheels---Are they related?

The Sudduth case has earned me a lot of new readers, and because of that I have spent more time on him than I really wanted to. I ought to thank the staff at the Sealy News for all of the advertising commissions I have earned; without their dereliction of duty I wouldn't have sold a thing. But the problem is that I am out here on the road most of the time, and I can't run back and forth to the Austin County Court to find out what's up with him. Just when all of this is starting to get really interesting, (after all he has made history for allegedly owning the most child porn of any teacher in America) the locals have just decided he has vanished into the mist of federal custody...which is all nonsense anyway. This means I might have to move back into some of my old topics, or begin writing in some new categories.

I am going to lose readers. This makes me want to weep, because I have enjoyed the steady flow of traffic. I really like the notoriety, and the fact that this blog is being carried on American's all kind of fun for me the "hobby writer." Everytime I post something new, I get a slight uptick in twitter traffic. I can't tell that anyone is reading my blog from the twitter posting site, but it's great entertainment.

So now that Sudduth is allegedly poised in federal limbo, what the heck am I going to write about? My child has been moved safely out of Sealy School, (good for him) my homeowners committee has a nice letter that clearly spells out my newfound interest in the budget, and the only notable local action lately has been some wobble with my 91-year old neighbor and Meals on Wheels.

She was shocked to find the editor of the Sealy paper at her door delivering her Meals on Wheels. No one "important" has ever visited her at this address for any reason. The very next week, Nick the mayor shows up with lunch. She found it very strange, almost disturbing, since she, like myself, is very critical of the Sealy "elite."  I would hate to find them at my door!

I read an interesting story in the Houston Chronicle about "what if" the Mexican cartels were carrrying out these vicious attacks on politicians and journalists in our country like they do their own. In Mexico 11 mayors have been murdered recently. But I really believe our mayor Nick and the editor of the Sealy News would escape unharmed, they never do anything interesting or controversial anyway. But maybe if we sent them a bus ticket to Mexico things would be different. I don't know. I would like to thank them for delivering the Meals on Wheels though; it made my friend pretty happy.

Well I guess this is all I have for now. As soon as I get back home to Sealy I will make a visit to Austin County and find out what is going on. If anyone wants to read the search warrant, it's included here:


Stephen Sudduth and The Sealy News: What the heck?

The families of children involved in the Stephen Sudduth child pornography case must be absolutely stunned by this week's factually incorrect and deadpan article published by the Sealy News. Its as if the staff has been living in some twilight world, a place far removed from reality. We all know he was never formally indicted in June. It takes months for investigators to sort through that many images and make a solid case. They have to prove who the images belong to and decide whether or not they are child erotica (which, unfortunately, is not illegal) or if the images are actually the 'real thing.' The material has to be catalogued, sorted, and viewed by trained professionals. This is why he was arrested at his home in Sealy in October. The Sealy News failed to report his early arrest in June; the story was not even in the Police or Sheriff's column. Since some of the images actually contain the defendant, his case is basically a "slam-dunk."

The Texas Attorney General's Office is quite capable of sending him up the proverbial river without a boat back.

Sudduth is still in Austin County. A phone call to the jail can verify why would the Sealy News print up this nonsense? Sudduth is not some "special character" worthy of heightened security. He is just an accused pervert awaiting a long prison sentence. Having a federal indictment does change the game; the difference will be in his address after he is successfully prosecuted. Rather than a state facility, he will get one of our nice federal pens.

Just a bit more on the Sealy News:

I am sitting here in a truckstop trying to eat a quick meal while I type this up, so please excuse my grammatical errors.

Some folks have asked what the heck is going on down there at that paper...they haven't reported any substance in regards to the Sudduth case. The sad thing is that this is a very important moment for all of us who wish to protect our children. Child pornography is a social ill now taking off like a rocket. Sudduth, if guilty, is a dangerous molester who will graduate into more heinous and vicious crimes. If he receives a light sentence and then returns to our community, he will be a threat to local children. After his initial arrest, the Sealy News had a duty to inform the public. They failed to do so. I believe this is why they are trying to convince everyone that he has been in custody since July.

I hate to say it, but, "Shame on the Sealy News!"

Stephen Sudduth Pretrial Moved to October

The pretrial hearing for accused kiddie porn pervert, Stephen Wayne Sudduth, has a tentative official date of October 5, 2010. He is currently in Austin County custody, and he will face state charges at the Bellville location. The Courthouse in Bellville is located 13 miles north of Sealy, Texas, on state highway 36.

His October 25, 2010, Court date is still on the docket. He may stand trial then, in spite of the new evidence and federal charges.

According to the District Attorney's office, anytime a defendant is facing state and federal charges, the state still must prosecute its case. This means there is no break for the Austin County taxpayer in this regard.

To my knowledge he still has a paid attorney, however, these new federal indictments could be a real game changer. I have no idea how he intends to pay. The costs will be enormous.

Let's all pray for a speedy conviction, and a long sentence, for Sudduth.

Stephen Sudduth Finally Back in the Sealy News

Our local accused kiddie porn pervert, Stephen Wayne Sudduth, has hit another home run with Wednesday's indictment on federal charges of illicit sexual conduct with children, production of child pornography, transportation of child pornography, and possession of child pornography. This story was published online by the Sealy News who has been defunct in their reporting of this disgusting ordeal since its beginning.

In paragraph (3) the Sealy News claims Sudduth has been in state custody since July of 2009. This is of course not true because we all know he was arrested on camera by local officers and the Attorney General's Office on October 29th, 2009. This story was carried by multiple news outlets, but no one carried the story of his original arrest in July.

Because this story was not published in this week's regular edition, most people do not know of this new development.

However, in my opinion, it is extremely disturbing that the Sealy News failed to regularly update the citizens who live in this area about the details concerning this important child pornography case. Had they responsibly covered this event, then they would have known a federal grand jury was meeting in regards to the international charges against Sudduth. They would have reported this to the public some time ago.

Public safety is an issue whenever child predators are involved. I am still very angry that my child was turning the corner on his walk home from school only yards from the house where Sudduth was living. The Sealy News has an obligation to cover the details on every single child predator case in the area.

Today I intend to visit with several of my neighbors. Most of them have not followed this case if they don't read my blog.

Was it the intention of someone in Sealy to let the Sudduth case wisp away in the wind without informing the locals? If so, then why?

This Morning in El Paso

Last night while I drove through El Paso the border patrol was stationed along the river fence watching a hovering helicopter shine a beam on the ground. Mexico was celebrating its country's 200th birthday, but most of the festivities up north were either canceled or never planned at all. 

I always think of the grandmothers. They should live in peace and without fear.

But here at the Petro Truckstop at exit 37 everything is peaceful, quiet, and friendly. Across the next booth some guy from Ohio is complaining about mountain time while he works on his Soduko puzzle. He told me he was laid off from his telecommunications job...he worked in IT (whatever the heck that is). I just smile and nod because I am just trying to write an interesting post for my readers!

Across the coffee bar, a lady trucker in bad need of a shower is quietly eating her breakfast. My waitresses are chatting away in Spanish and English while the cooks set up the buffet. Some of the drivers are talking on phones, and a few are visiting with each other.

Out in the parking lot, the morning light is beginning to shine on the tightly parked rows of trucks.

It's on mornings like this one that I feel especially grateful for my occupation, fellow truckers, office staff, and amazing equipment.

I have always heard that God looks after travelers, the fatherless, and fools.

Elvis Presley is singing "It's Now or Never."


Five Ways I Can Protect Liberty in Honor of 9/11

1. I will not be bullied by gossip, lies, and cronies who are ignorant and narrow minded.

2. Whenever I spot inequity or injustice, I will happily post it to my blog.

3. In honor of the men in my family who bravely fought in foreign wars, I will continue our family tradition of courage and tenacity. {see 1.}

4. Since I can't go to war, I will use my pen and ink to construct ideas and arguments that create controversy and new meaning.

5. I will continue to defend women's rights.

We can all fight terrorism in our own communities by fighting inequity, prejudice, and corruption. We can't live in peace if we are forced into subjugation. It doesn't matter if the perpetrators are Muslim extremists or egotistic old women with nothing but dirty mouths. You have a duty to your children and our veterans to create an environment of equality in love; this is in keeping with the Bible and other Holy texts. You cannot "look the other way" when you are treated unethically.

Communities develop cultures that are tended over time. You cannot be undermined by a culture of hatred, cronyism, and bigotry. If you do, then soon your own children will be victimized by bullies... hatred, cronyism, and bigotry breeds bullies.

The schools become populated with staff that has no place in education; they are made ignorant by their own narrow vision. New people and new ideas are hastily chased away, or subjugated, bullied, and politicized until they no longer can survive the system. Children model this behavior...soon they inherit from the parents and civic leaders. This societal ill self perpetuates.

Communities like Sealy eventually dry up and blow away. Business leaves, people move out, the tax base suffers, and the bullies are left looking at each other and not much else.

Sometimes I drive by a community with a bill board posting a welcome. People are encouraged to "buy and live in Anycity, USA." This happens because they have recognized the value in people from new places. They honor and appreciate new and diverse ideas. In Sealy you are treated with suspicion, disgust, and outright contempt if you are a relocating person with dreams and ideas. Disrespect is the norm.

Tonight I was asked by a dear friend why I keep up the fight. I could afford to live almost anywhere, so why here?  Sealy is at the breaking point and the community has reached the end of the cycle. It will soon have changes, and they will be for the best.

I think it will be worth it....I am going to wait it out.

So on this terrible anniversary I am not going to worry about Muslim extremists;even though I haven't forgotten them.

 I am just fighting a war I can win.  

Powdering Your Bottom: Fashion Week

Twice a year Neiman Marcus makes it possible for humble women like myself to purchase beauty products and receive a free tote and samples. I almost always take advantage of this great offer. It gives me a chance to elevate my social status; no longer am I the simple and uneducated. I can powder my bottom just like certain (and they know who they are) simpering, egotistical fashion queens who purchase fifty-dollar flip flops from Steinhauser's.  Not only that, the internet and television is ripe with gorgeous new garments worn by the ultra-thin and beautiful. It gives me, who has never donned a pair of 5 inch stilletoes, a chance to dream and reflect on my youthful beauty.

I have never worn a gown; but, if I had...then I would not consider myself a queen. I would not sit on my throne and preach to the masses facts of which they are aware. I would not enter into issues having no connection to my regal post. If I wore a gown, I would consider the consequences of my words, the effect of their ring and tone. 

 I am not a queen, (just a child of freedom) but I do powder my rear end exquisitely, liberally. Neiman Marcus provides me with a good Jewish deal on all of my favorite beauty products. And while I powder, I consider the filth below my feet, the wagging lying tongues of old neighborhood gossips. I am grateful for the clean white cloud floating around my rear end.  I am happy with whom I am.



Judge Bilski and Attorney Koehne....REALLY?

Judge Bilski published a badly written composition in the Sealy News that was obviously targeted at individuals who unwittingly stumble into property ownership in Austin County. "Outsiders" who dare to move to Sealy and the surrounding area for its amazing "quality of life" should know how to put in a culvert, order a sign, or recognize the dangers of raw sewage. Of course, if they have any questions they should feel free to ring her up. After all, she hasn't got much to do anyway.

 No intelligent people with extraordinary gifts and talents exist outside of the Austin County area....everyone should live where they are and never venture into new territory. We all need Judge Bilski to tell us how to navigate the legal puzzle of property ownership. She is an expert in everything. We should accept her insulting letter.

District Attorney Koehn, in all his great wisdom, let the "pillars of the community" who very nearly fried an entire group of babies, walk with strange. I haven't met Attorney Koehn, but I am sure he knew what he was doing too.

And last but not least, an ex Austin County Deputy is making claims of sexual impropriety at the jail. He is claiming he was fired for not performing an illegal act.

I am thinking this is my chance to once again have an active sex life. I will just make Bilski and Koehn so angry that they will use their substantial influence and ivory tower wisdom to lock me up on some phony charge. Then I can begin to romance a deputy...hmm. I hope they will take into consideration my pickiness and choose me a suitable mate: tall, blonde, wearing a thong, thirtyish, and smart. The Austin County uniform makes almost anyone look ravishing.

Judge Bilski's letter in the opinion column was a very accurate example of the general tonality towards people who have ventured into the boundaries of Austin County. She sounds very disdainful, and not welcoming at all. Her letter is a basic diatribe against new property owners, people who are desperately needed to shore up the faltering real estate economy; she is thankless for the new money, ideas, influence, and cultures. She sounds like a few of the people I have personally encountered who resist any kind of positive change.

She should carefully search her soul. Meanwhile, I will search mine and continue my social criticism...Sealy has given me plenty to think about.