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Judge Bilski and Attorney Koehne....REALLY?

Judge Bilski published a badly written composition in the Sealy News that was obviously targeted at individuals who unwittingly stumble into property ownership in Austin County. "Outsiders" who dare to move to Sealy and the surrounding area for its amazing "quality of life" should know how to put in a culvert, order a sign, or recognize the dangers of raw sewage. Of course, if they have any questions they should feel free to ring her up. After all, she hasn't got much to do anyway.

 No intelligent people with extraordinary gifts and talents exist outside of the Austin County area....everyone should live where they are and never venture into new territory. We all need Judge Bilski to tell us how to navigate the legal puzzle of property ownership. She is an expert in everything. We should accept her insulting letter. http://sealynews.com/articles/2010/09/09/opinions/edit01.txt

District Attorney Koehn, in all his great wisdom, let the "pillars of the community" who very nearly fried an entire group of babies, walk with probation....how strange. I haven't met Attorney Koehn, but I am sure he knew what he was doing too. http://sealynews.com/articles/2010/09/09/news/news03.txt

And last but not least, an ex Austin County Deputy is making claims of sexual impropriety at the jail. He is claiming he was fired for not performing an illegal act. http://sealynews.com/articles/2010/09/09/news/news02.txt

I am thinking this is my chance to once again have an active sex life. I will just make Bilski and Koehn so angry that they will use their substantial influence and ivory tower wisdom to lock me up on some phony charge. Then I can begin to romance a deputy...hmm. I hope they will take into consideration my pickiness and choose me a suitable mate: tall, blonde, wearing a thong, thirtyish, and smart. The Austin County uniform makes almost anyone look ravishing.

Judge Bilski's letter in the opinion column was a very accurate example of the general tonality towards people who have ventured into the boundaries of Austin County. She sounds very disdainful, and not welcoming at all. Her letter is a basic diatribe against new property owners, people who are desperately needed to shore up the faltering real estate economy; she is thankless for the new money, ideas, influence, and cultures. She sounds like a few of the people I have personally encountered who resist any kind of positive change.

She should carefully search her soul. Meanwhile, I will search mine and continue my social criticism...Sealy has given me plenty to think about.


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