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Republican Senator Mitch McConnell: Evil to repeal healthcare reform?

Mr. Mike Yager, Director of Operations TA/Petro, left a nice comment on my post!

Tonight I am sitting in the Travel Center of America in Boise, Idaho, because my load in Oregon isn't ready to go yet. While I was here, Mr. Yager responded to my post featuring the big TA red, white, and blue sign.

His comments are interesting, well written, and humorous; they are worth the time to read. I want to thank Mr. Yager for making huge improvements to our truckstop home. I hope the TA/Petro management team will continue to listen to all of us who work and live on the road.

I know a lot of women can remember the day when showers were usually located in the men's restroom. If you didn't have a man willing to act as lookout, then you borrowed the hose on the fuel island. Because a lot of the showers were truly filthy, the hose was often the best resort anyway. I am sure glad those days are over.

In one year I fell sick to food poisoning three times. The Husky Truckstop in Golden, British Columbia, caused me to lay out my bunk door, on top of Roger's Pass, and vomit for hours with the freezing wind and snow blowing bits of oatmeal back into my hair. I will never forget that night; I honestly thought I was going to die.

Thank you Mr. Yager for caring about us. It really is a jungle out here; it is nice to know that people are watching out for our health and safety.



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