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My "Anytime Fitness" this Morning

In Sealy we have an Anytime is a franchise that obviously almost anyone can buy into. This morning, as usual, the cubbies were dirty, there was body dust all over the treadmills, and the temperature was a bit hot. It makes my temperature rise to pay for something that isn't really clean. There is nothing in the club to wipe your hands on, and there wasn't toilet paper, or towels, in all of the bathrooms. The disninfectant bottles were mostly empty, and only a few old dirty looking towels were laying in the rack. The franchise owner was present, but it wouldn't do any good to complain to him. He can see the state his place is in, and he is smart enough to know how filthy it is. At the Sealy location this is normal, and the clients really don't know any better; they never get around to any other fitness centers, but I do!

The one at my hometown in Chickasha, Oklahoma, is sparkling clean. In fact, someone is busy cleaning at that one all day long. Same with the location in El Paso. The guys use lots of Pine Sol, and they keep a huge stack of clean fluffy hand towels to wipe down the equipment. Diseases are easily spread in fitness centers. I can't believe the risk people are taking at the Sealy location. I have also visited a location in Chandler, Arizona. I went on a weekend, and all of the equipment was extremely sanitary. If you want to see a beautifully maintained Anytime Fitness, visit the one at Abilene. They have a huge workout area, a hall to greet guests, and everything is spic and span, smelling completely fresh. They also are not afraid to keep the temperature down, so you can workout really hard without getting heat exhaustion. 

We have a nice big fan at our location in Sealy...but today a grown man whined about the cool air. Makes me wonder how he survives any kind of workout at all.

I plan on keeping my membership at Anytime simply because I can use these other much nicer locations. I believe this franchise is a great investment, and I would love to have one. The sad thing is, I can't recommend the one in Sealy. But if you live elsewhere, and you travel with work, then Anytime is a great workout option for you.




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