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Worried about what to EAT!

Before we finish one meal this holiday, we are already planning another. This morning I went to the workout, and guess what...I couldn't run! My son's grandmother is an excellent cook, a chef actually. She once owned a very popular panhandle restaurant. She still cooks tamales and enchiladas for holidays and special events. Most people would consider me lucky to have such a woman in my home; I am not happy because I am about to get much fatter. Today we went to the market and bought tons of fresh garlic, peppers, onion, tomatoes, and so forth. We also went over to Bollilla's and bought two bags of fresh Mexican pastries. We made the meat market for steaks, buffalo, and fresh jerky. We toted in bags of nuts, cheeses, sauces, and spices.

My counter tops are covered with wine bottles, breads, and crackers. We have Ketel One Vodka and Bombay Sapphire Gin, special carbonated blackberry juice, fresh lemons and limes, vermouth, and a couple of new martini glasses that sparkle in the light. She does not drink.

Today I drank a gourmet beer in a dainty little can, a glass of red wine with my steak, and I simmered mushrooms all afternoon in butter with cabernet. I made my martini dry, and now I am ready for bed.

Yeah, I will head back to the workout in the morning, but I don't see me fitting in that gauzy evening number anytime soon. I love all of you.

More tomorrow!


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Lol, love the title of your post, especially after reading the entire post! :)
Btw your style of writing is very engaging, keep em coming..
Barry Diamond

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