LaWanda is Trucking Today
The Art of Staying out of Other People's Business

California Styles Today: Trucker Fashion!

This morning on Good Day LA, I watched the preview for next fall's fashion trends. Everything is going gauzy, glitzy, and flowing. The austerity of black is replaced with metallic, shining, vibrant colors. Hollywood elite would be shocked to learn a middle aged lady truck driver from Oklahoma is sitting a mere 40 miles away glued to the screen smiling. I don't see how any of the new styles will blend with Peterbilt trucks, and Great Dane trailers; but, it's fun to dream.

Today I have an old white t-shirt with little sequins embroidered on seahorses. My jeans are ripped out at the thighs. It's been raining so I have on my rubber boots. They are decorated with red poppies over a sea of black. Don't laugh, they are truly cute. I look like a typical SoCal yuppie.

I bought my earrings at Sallie Sue's Gift Shop in Tucson. They are long and dangly with little crystals on the bottom. If you want beautiful stones, then Tucson is the capital. I don't wear eye makeup much anymore; when I get really tired, I rub mascara all over my face. I slap on the sunscreen, a bit of Bare Minerals, and some really fabulous bronzer from Neiman Marcus. Then I put on a cheap lipstick, my sunglasses and Paris Hilton perfume (yes, I love Paris). After I brush my teeth, I am ready to go just about anywhere in America.

On busy days, I don't even look at my clothes. As long as they are clean, and appropriate for the weather, I throw them on and ride.When I have to dock my truck at a regular customer, I like to look nice. I have a black jacket with me, and I will pull on some cargo pants or dressy jeans.

Most women spend their money on expensive clothes hoping to make some kind of an impression. I don't need clothes to do my talking. But one of these days, I am going to dress just like everyone else. I am going to spend major money on the way I look. Until then, I am going to enjoy Good Day LA, and keep smiling.


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