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Writing From the Plane: Suffering on the Road

Today I am in a huge hurry because Pride of San Juan Coolers, a division of Church Brothers, (Yuma, AZ) made me sit on their dock for 16 hours yesterday. I don't know how distribution can get that messed up, but it does. This time of year growers are preparing to move harvest back up north to the lush Salinas Valley area. They claim this transition period causes chaos and makes for schedule glitches. All I know is if I am 16 hours late for my appointments everybody gets mad at me. That is why I try to do everything on time.

My child is on Skype in the corner of my screen. He is playing a computer game, and I can hear him pounding the keys. We don't talk a lot at times like this, we just enjoy the together time. He looks beautiful tonight, and he is happy with his dad and grandma in our old wreck of a house. Today they made cookies and I felt left out like usual. I miss my home life and all the wonderful mundane little chores and strifes that go along with domestication. My family misses me, but finances and limited opportunity mean I still have to do a lot of trucking.

Well I guess I should get back to work. I promise to write more meaningful and artsy prose later. My mind is tired tonight, and I have many miles to go.

I appreciate my readers, and please remember to browse my ads. I will change them up soon.

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