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Could Solar Flares Improve the Sealy News?

I wonder if the current solar flare will have any impact on the Sealy News. Just imagine what could happen if the paper suddenly developed an alternate mission: responsible timely reporting, details about local criminals, trial updates, and feature stories.

What if the Sealy News actually stopped catering to a select few, and demanded accountability from civic leaders? Would we notice a positive change?

After all, the paper does belong to the community; why can't we read the stuff we have a right to know?

Simply put, I am no mathematician; but, even I have noticed an odd trend within the Sealy News. Reports seldom have a follow up…someone is controlling the content. Victims are pushed aside, (Katherine and Kendall Addison) while the actions of certain well connected perpetrators are only glumly visited, but never elaborated upon.

Let's take a look at that embarrassing public spectacle, accused child porn king, Stephen Wayne Sudduth. No one has closer ties to the community: brought up in Sealy, attended Sealy public schools, former Texas educator, with close relatives living in town.

Since his arrest on October, 29, 2009, he seemingly has vanished into thin air. Even though his trial has taken a myriad of interesting twists and turns, no one at the Sealy News has bothered to cover this important, and very interesting, story.

The Sealy News is counting on the recent solar flare to wipe all of our memories clean. Soon, curious local citizens will stop whispering over Tony's coffee, and everything will be perfect and positive in SealyLand.

Obviously the mission of those who control the Sealy Paper is to bathe some figures in as positive of a light as possible, while fabricating a false "good ole boy down home country" atmosphere out of pure, thick, brown, dog scat. YEEHAW!!!

The problem with this is that people have noticed.

Never mind me, I doubt if the active solar flare, and its plasma burst of radiated protons, will relieve the citizens from this ridiculous grip on its community paper.

But, wouldn't it be nice if the Sealy paper was truly an unbiased record of important events? When our descendants check the archives they will note these obvious lapses, the people left out. Our descendants, in a search for the truth, will find the Sealy News lacking.

So whilst the boiling sun rains down its radioactive particles onto the surface of planet Earth, shifting reality, and filling us all with uncertainty, we can still bank on the Sealy News to remain dim, muted, simply a silhouette framed against the plasmatic solar glare, then blowing away like dried up meaningless dog dung. As it should.


No Mention of Fatal Wreck in Sealy News

The Sealy News has not reported on the deaths of mom, Katherin Addison, and her young son, Kendall, even though the men who caused their fatalities live in Sealy, and the accident was a mere 7 miles away. There is no mention in the online Breaking News section. This fatal wreck happened Thursday morning and it is now Sunday. The Sealy News is instead still featuring a story about a San Felipe woman being murdered in her Houston apartment. However, we know the online edition was updated Thursday. If you look at the obituaries, they were updated on Friday the 13th announcing the death of Donald L. Chilton of Sealy.

Other small papers in the area are carrying this story, and the Sealy News could have updated their online edition. As most of us know, the Houston Chronicle, along with the major networks, have followed the story up to Cody Parchman's firing from the Katy Police Department.

My personal condolences to all of the families and friends of Katherin and Kendall. On the morning of this accident, I was heading into Katy before the sunrise. The crash investigators had erected a light over the site, and I could see the white pickup the two Sealy men had been driving. The entire front end of this pickup was completely bashed in. That afternoon when I returned to Sealy, I saw the burned area alongside the concrete barricade. This made me cry.

Because I am an older mom with a son the same age as Kendall, and because my Vince and I have found ourselves in dangerous predicaments, I truly grieve for this unnecessary loss of life. Kendall, by all accounts, was a sweet and fairminded young man with unlimited potential. Because the night was cold, and they were alone in the car against the traffic barricade, Katherin probably did not order him to wait in the ditch. If she was in a  panic, it may never have occurred to her that someone would come along and bash into their vehicle.

 Please get out of your vehicle if you are stranded alongside of the road. Do not try to change a tire on the white line.

 In typical fashion, the Sealy News has chosen to look the other way. Whenever one of Sealy's better citizens are caught with the proverbial pants around the knees, the Sealy paper becomes muted, foggy, and uninformative on the subject. However, if it were me drunken and flying down I-10, and if it were me who had killed a devoted mother and her son, then it would have been online the next morning.

If it had been me, or even one of my friends, who had been found in possession of some 57.000 pornographic images of children while working as a Texas educator, if it were me who stold money from the Clerk's office, if it were me....then the Sealy News would carefully follow the story, and carefully detail each twist and turn.

I can hardly wait for the next edition of the Sealy News. My money says they say absolutely nothing about this terrible wreck. If they do, then I still would not put them in line for any journalistic award. They have had numerous opportunities to report on the community in an accurate fashion. They consistently remain a biased, uninformative, and predictable rag.

 Katherin and Kendall have family in the Sealy community...yet, there is still nothing in the carefully controlled Sealy News on this very sad Sunday morning. No update to the online edition...nothing.