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April 4th is World Stray Animals Day!

Just a reminder for everyone: World Stray Animals Day is tomorrow. That's a good time to go online with Cesar Milan, the ASPCA, or the Humane Society's website and make a donation, or buy a gift for yourself, or that special friend.

The ASPCA has a wonderful array of special orange colored leashes, pet supplies, shirts, stickers, and bandannas; not only that, they have jewelry, cool dog collars, and places to sign up so you can donate monthly.

You can spread your disdane for puppy mills by wearing a special tee shirt. If you know about a puppy mill, and would like to report it, then here is the number: 1 877 MILL TIP

Whenever my friends ask me why I care so much about animals, I always ask them to imagine what it would be like to have only one life, and it be that of a stray animal. Nothing could be more frightening, horrific, and miserable as being forced to live in a puppy mill as a breeding animal, or alone on the streets dodging cars, and eating handouts.

If we all do a little part, then we can help eradicate these terrible puppy mills, and help countless lost animals find forever homes.