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Dear Friends,

This week I am in Chickasha at my old house to celebrate Father's Day and have a yard sale. We are getting rid of everything Vince has outgrown, and all of the stuff we no longer need (like a huge collection of traveling gear dating back to 1983).

As you know, I have to spend some of my own money to create a classroom environment fit for my students. Last year I was in training, and all of this year I taught as a substitute. That means I haven't had time to shop for all of the neat teacher things I will need: books, binders, file storage, classroom literature sets, games for my students, software, bookshelves, and a variety of reading materials.

We haven't completely decided what days to have our yard sale...maybe Thursday and Friday. I have to be back in Houston for a "Positive Behaviors" conference that begins early next week, so I want to go back Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Anyway, I will let all of you know more as I work it out.

At any rate, I am extremely excited and pleased with my new position, and my students deserve the best of everything. I know none of you thought you would ever hear me say this, "But I can't wait for school to start!"

Last, but not least, I want to thank at least three outstanding men who have really helped me along this year...you know who you are, and all three of you are excellent fathers. Without your guidance, help, and thoughtful words, I could never have made this drastic career change. Because of your kind support I have more to offer to my students and my family. Angels ARE everywhere :-)

So, as we celebrate Father's Day, I am going to thank my late dad for giving me the strength to survive the ridiculous...no wonder he chose to live his life out on a small Pacific island...no wonder! :-)



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