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February 2013

Sequester of the Inept

Today we are happy for the gentle weather and our Katy home, a place where we can escape the unpleasant. And while I often look back on the earlier days of my life in discomfort, I am pleased with myself at 50. The decisions we make in our 20's contain only limited wisdom, and are generally reactionary, and if you haven't grown by 50, then you likely have surrounded yourself with people lacking character and independent thought.

Our school offices and government are filled to the brim with those sycophants, basking in their unethical points of view, and fundamentally perpetuating their mediocrity. Today, no matter the beautiful weather and the pleasantries of home, we are all at risk of losing our livelihoods to the wispy intelligence of the arrogant.

"We the people" join together over our coffees and our teas, and we discuss the mediocrity of the meritocracy. We languish about our homes with this axe over our heads, and we wait for "them" to act in some intelligent manner, to hand down some apology, and to create an artful plan that will stop the train wreck that surely lies ahead. We shake our heads and we contemplate the spectacular, and we question the inevitable, and the theme of our daily labors carries the notion, and often we verbalize in wonderment at our mistakes, and we ask each other, "how did they get there?"

Then we go to the polls, or to our local school boards, and we give "them" another chance, while they are denying us of any upward mobility. They purposely cheat our most fallible of citizens out of education, health, and wellbeing, padding their despicable pockets with bond money, and pork deals as we look on with disgust.

Be careful calling these insecure failures and phonies out, or they will do their best to destroy you. Going up and getting access to the power is all they care about. It never has been about the children, or the elderly, it has always been about the buck. Maybe, all in all, it is simply the "sequester of the fools."