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What My Life is Like Now that I'm in Grad School

Thank you God, I was accepted into grad school at a nice, big, Texas college last fall. I started my classes in January, and now my life has totally changed. I am no longer bored at night, and I love my classes (I'm taking two). I took composition theory as an undergrad, but now I am taking it at the graduate level, and it is my favorite class of all time. I am learning so much about teaching writing, and I am truly enjoying my research. 

I have written so many papers since the beginning of the year, I can't even remember them all. When I wrote to the university, I told them that my goal was to improve my own composition and to help my students. I feel like my "academic' writing has already improved dramatically. I have some really good samples that I can show my advanced students, and I am no longer queasy when teaching format, style, and research methods. It is shocking how much I am now remembering about my undergrad education, and I am so thankful for the great professors that I had at my old school. Not only that, I feel like my new school is an awesome match for my old school. I was well prepared!

If I have any complaints at all about my school, it's that they use an older version of MLA than what I am used to; and sometimes I still get confused about how to turn in my papers electronically; but other than that, I am just grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

My literature class is just awesome. I am a little disappointed with some of my fellow students because they rarely want to discuss what we are reading, but I can hardly shut up. For example, we read Nella Larsen's short novel, Passing. I would never have read that on my own. It is fabulous. Set in Harlem during the renaissance, it is deeply moving and even surprising. Then I read Faulkner's Light in August. Well, now that is a book worth reading. Instead of the typical heroic figures you expect from Faulkner, you get something quite opposite...it's almost an insulting statement on southern life. Then, I read Carson McCullers, The Member of the Wedding, a story about a twelve-year old girl, so realistic it just captures all of the angst tweens experience, undoubtedly a work of art.

This has been an exciting and fulfilling new year for me. I love pursuing my Master of Arts in English, and I know this was the right choice for me. So now you know one of the reasons why I have neglected my blogging. But I think I can start again, and keep my Tweet Critique going. It's hard to believe that I haven't created a post since August. Watch for your Tweet Critique....or just watch for another happy post!


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Theresa Quintanilla

So good to hear from you... and inspired!

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