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The 45th Moonlight Ramble: Having Fun in Houston

Last night's Moonlight Ramble was a blast because it's just one of the many ways we are proving that our city is getting some of its groove back after Harvey. All kinds of people were out with neon lights on their bikes (I couldn't find my new lights), some people were in costume, and kids and pets were everywhere. I wore my day-of-the-dead bicycle helmet, and I headed out with the first group of 60 riders. I maintained for the entire 10 mile ride without falling off in a pothole, and only stopping once for a water break. I paused briefly at the Houston Bicycle Museum, and then I made it back to Discovery Green with the first wave of riders. We all lined up for a free beer, and I took a comfy seat in the VIP area to drink mine (even though I'm not really a VIP, I find ways to get in those areas). 


Riding around downtown Houston is fun anytime, but we had people at nearly every corner stopping traffic and making sure we didn't get lost in the dark. 


I wish I had taken more pictures. Several riders had brought their kids and dogs in carts, and one person rode the whole ten miles on one of those elliptical things. I don't know what you call that thing, but he had some serious leg muscles. It was also kind of eerie because he was dressed like a phantom (with short shorts) and that elliptical thing makes you look like you're floating rather than riding, giving him this ghostly aura. 

I went back to my parking place and reloaded my bike, and drove home to watch the latest episode of my favorite series thinking about how much my neighbors and friends have accomplished since the storm. It is these happy moments that make it worthwhile to live in a city like Houston.


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