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    L Eckert

    Obviously, any kind of writing is difficult for you, so it makes me wonder why you would try creating a curriculum for a subject you don't even know anything about for an English community that you are not even really a member of.

    Pretty and Articulate Quack

    I can't believe you're still at it! Surely you realize that you're not changing hearts and minds. But I guess you have to keep the blog going, just in case you need to extort anybody into giving you a job at a school you so clearly hate, like you did a couple of years ago for reasons I'll never truly understand.

    Take a deep breath: the novel hasn't been banished. You can support independent reading, honoring their choices and conferring with them to encourage those who are ready to read more challenging, canonical texts. I see that you think you need to have read a book to support a student in reading it. You're wrong, per usual. But OK. Y

    ou can still teach a whole-group novel, since you don't want students to choose for themselves. You might not get the money to buy them each a copy (but if you go work at a public school, you totally could, so maybe you should go ahead and apply, since you're so clearly a terrible fit for your current campus), but you could require students to buy or borrow their own copies, or you could pick them something that's in the public domain, and you could alternate between whole-group and small-group reading with note-taking on a targeted meta cognitive strategy. You'd only have to print class sets of the chapters they're doing in small groups, or any chapters you want them to read for homework. (Most of them won't, but you probably don't care whether or not they all actually read and understand the book. You just want to be able to talk about one text for 6 weeks. It's less prep for you.)

    Actually, you can do whatever you want in your classroom. You know you can't get fired, no matter how badly you fit with the team, no matter what bankrupt practices you want to lean on. You know that you can write a couple of blog posts in which you bite the hand that feeds you, and you'll get to keep your job because that's the only way the powers that be can shut you up. So it's really silly for you to complain. You get to do whatever you want, with no consequences or accountability. Congratulations! You're a parasite.

    I think you fetishize novels because poetry is too abstract for you. And persuasive writing isn't up your alley. We can tell.

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