Trump: A Letter to the Most God Awful President Ever
Thinking about Covid: Trucking versus Teaching

On the Eve of Politics and Education, Our Struggle with Covid

Tonight I am deeply sorrowful because of the cheap shots taken at me from behind the scenes, the trust I extended dashed to the dry and cracked, filthy ground. The long week of pitiable nonsense and dismal returns on my shabby dollar, and all of it because of a sisterhood of angry and jealous protractors that wallow in myth and gossip, while burrowing into a dark well of competition and back biting during a historical time of disease and political strife. 

Kamala Harris, while certainly not a perfect choice, is a representation of smart and tough, something we need during a time when people are willfully engaging in ignorance and conspiracy, the kind of anti-intellectualism that destroys credibility and engenders a dangerous philosophy of white supremacy and anti-science idiocy. She belongs with us, just as all strong women belong with us.

When we need help, we get voter suppression. When we need togetherness, we get isolation and distrust. When our healthcare professionals need respect and protections, they receive conspiracy theories and ignorance instead. We have an executive branch actively suppressing the vote while they openly destroy and defund a national treasure, our postal service. 

When I look into the conversations online, I see a school district in my neighborhood so overwrought with politics and football, that they would willfully risk the lives and health, the well-being of their entire workforce, for a dream consisting of nothing but denial and silly nostalgia. The risks involve my entire community because as they force teachers, staff, and other workers to convene on crowded campuses, the virus will spread from person to person, and ultimately exponentially infect us.

Donald Trump, Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, and others like them, represent the lowest of human form during a time of crisis and ill health. They are the type of men that would beat a child from its bed because it was sick. They look down upon ill health as if it is the fault of the bearer, yet, Abbott himself is profoundly disabled, confined to a wheel chair. His lack of empathy is shocking and offensive because Covid creates disabilities; it causes wheelchairs to become occupied; it disrupts the livelihoods, the health, the well-being of all who come into its path. Covid has made its own form of political power and oppression. To deny this, is to be dangerously arrogant. 



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