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March 24, 2024 - March 30, 2024

Weird and Creepy Neighbors: What to do?

My weird and creepy neighbor saga continues with some other homeowners and renters experiencing stalking like behavior. A nice man with a large and new pickup experienced vandalism when one of the self-described "homeowner coalition" members decided that she didn't like where he was parking and marked up the door panel with a Sharpie. I don't remember the exact message written on the door panel, but the complaint had to do with him not parking in his driveway and taking up a space in the guest parking.

Another young man had his employment threatened because he parked his work truck with the company name on it in the guest parking overnight. Why he needed to use the guest parking is not anyone's business. Clearly, you can access the guest parking when you are cleaning up your garage, have a visitor coming, an emergency, or some other type of temporary issue. They called his employer and complained about this, and so the employer removed his privileges. It's strange that a man across from me can park his spare car everyday in the guest parking, a vehicle that leaks oil and has made a mess everywhere, and he has never been asked to remove it or to pay for an extra spot in the designated area. This just goes to show that the squad picks and chooses their victims for personal reasons and not for any legitimate complaint.

I am sure this is not the only employer that this squad has tried to reach and influence. They do this because they are weak, cowardly, and have never been in control of anything. Bullying neighbors from the safety of their anonymity gives them an adrenaline rush, something they can't get any other way because their cowardice is a barricade to enjoying life; and they don't work; and they don't have enough money to travel and enjoy life. It's truly sad and unprofessional that any supervisor would indulge these type of people and act on their gossip. Supervisors that act on gossip are disgusting, unprofessional, and doomed to fail.

Let me make my suggestion again: get a job, or maybe go volunteer and be useful. Stop looking for neighbors to attack and harass.

Whenever I need to complain about something, I include my full name and the reasoning and rationale. I am not afraid. I do, on occasion, complain about a neighbor, like the guy that let all his wives and girlfriends park behind my garage. Even when my employer sends me a survey with questions, I answer truthfully. I do not lie about anything or sugarcoat any facts. A legitimate complainant will always try to mitigate the situation with kindness and reason before creating a full-blown grievance, and someone truly trying to solve problems will always include their name. If you complain legitimately, and you don't receive the results you want after significant time, then maybe those results are in the works, or maybe they are simply unattainable. The point is that people that hide their identity are cowards. Cowards require constant scrutiny. A coward will always sneak around and steal or vandalize.

One of these squad members hiding behind anonymity worked short-time for an attorney. Now she is an expert on the law, an assertion that is truly irritating to successful attorneys all over the world that have spent years in school learning and working for a degree and a license. She came out on her porch one night yelling at me, "You are gonna get sued for slander!" If she really knew anything about law, she'd know that's a long-shot. Slander suits just don't go anywhere unless you're rich and famous. Maybe she thinks she is rich and famous. Maybe she will at least become famous...

I don't want to digress too much, but writers never have friends. People that think they know a writer, always imagine themselves in the essay, story, play, or poem. They are either angry because they believe they are actively featured in the work, or they are infuriated because they are left out of the work. I want to clear things up and be very specific. If someone maliciously harasses me, calls my employer, uses the United States Postal Service to threaten and intimidate me, or stalks me in any other kind of a way, and I receive proof of this person's identity, they will be prosecuted. And I will sue the pants right off of them, full-blown. And anytime I need to clear the record, I will write and publish my problem so that thousands of people can read it if they want. My writings are a record of what is happening in my life.

My essays are lousy as compared to the artists that I read and adore. But my essays provide details and insight into human behavior and social problems. If you are feeling as if you have the right to harass someone in their own home, in their community, then you are setting yourself up for an extreme disappointment. You could become ... famous ... for all of the wrong reasons. If you are acting creepy and concealing your identity, then you don't have any credibility. If you are sneaking around vandalizing, setting up parking cones, taping fake notices to vehicles, sending weird mail around, gossiping and collaborating with drunks, and not working at a job, then maybe you have a mental problem. Go find some meaningful, fun things to do.