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Stephen Wayne Sudduth Child Pornography PreTrial Conference Reset AGAIN!!! Could he WALK?

Today was a lovely Texas sunshiney day, and I could hear my anxious readers calling out for justice. So, since I had to go down that way anyhow, I headed on over to the United States Federal Court. It is located at 515 Rusk Avenue, in downtown Houston. If you pass through security, and take an elevator ride up to the fifth floor, you will find the Court Clerk's lovely offices.

Alongside one wall is a computer bank where any citizen can obtain files on any case with open public records. The women working in this location are extremely professional and kind. They will happily hand over the documents as you hit the print button. The walk was short, but the exercise certainly didn't hurt me. I don't think walking around Houston on a beautiful day is anything short of a privilege.

This is why I can't understand why anyone from the ultra soft, and sensual, Sealy News can't find their way over here to get this important public news. Everyone who has knowledge of this case is simply mystified by its length, and overseas complexities. Guilty or not, this defendant has truly created a mess worth study, and the facts around this case are frightening at best.

I have the Order to my left of my laptop while I sit in my favorite coffee bar in Katy, Texas. When I get home tonight, I may scan this thing and post it for your viewing benefit. At any rate, it reads like this:

 The Court has considered the Fourth Joint Motion for Continuence wherein counsel for Defendant, Stephen Wayne Sudduth, has represented that more time is needed to resolve the state charges pending against him, and that failure to grant a continuance would result in a miscarriage of justice.

Did you read that carefully? Did you see that we are now talking about "resolving the STATE charges?" I am not an attorney, and I am not sure if this means what it says, but do you think we have to wait for the State of Texas to DO something? Does this mean this mess is hung up in Austin County? Please, don't tell me that!

It goes on to read: Based on the representations made in the Fourth Joint Motion for Continuance, the Court finds the ends of justice served by granting a continuance outweigh the best interest of the public, as well as the Defendant, to a speedy trial.....blah, blah, blah....failure to grant a continuance would result in the miscarriage of justice, and that a continuance is necessary to allow reasonable time for the resolution of other charges against the Defendant.

Of course, there is no mention of his small victims, and their miscarriage of justice.

This document was filed on February 7, 2012, and he has another pretrial conference set for April 23, 2012, at 2:00 p.m.

For the first time, I am starting to sweat the outcome of this just a bit. I am beginning to wonder if they are going to let this guy walk without even a trial. Could this happen? Please, tell me this terrible thing will never happen! He was caught with the stuff...the miserable horrific evidence. Surely Judge Atlas has the stomach for this...she could never have risen to the top without being the toughest of the tough. She sees criminals all of the time...federal prisoners accused of murder, kidnapping, and even this kind of trash. If she can't deal with the terrible evidence that will surely be presented at this trial, then maybe she should recuse herself rather than let the lawyers kick the ball down the field.

After all, we were told the Federal prosecutors were taking first shots at this guy, and then the State of Texas would follow up. Was all of that a mistake...could we not have come to this conclusion sooner? What in the world is going on here (how many years now)?

Sorry I Haven't Written Lately

Gosh, my blog is totally neglected lately. So are the people in my family, the dogs, my apartment, the house, my Toyota, and a few of my "fa real" friends. I should be ashamed, but I'm not. I am so glad to be busy meeting new people, learning new things, and going new places.

Today I logged on to my TypePad service for the first time in a couple of weeks. I don't think I have ever gone this long without writing. I noticed from the stats that most of you are still looking for information on the Sudduth case. I am so sorry I have neglected this important story. As you know, I am not a real journalist, and my time and finances are rather squeezed. Please forgive me.

In honor of your continued interest, I will endeavour to learn something new. I can tell you that the Sealy News hasn't followed the story. KHOU Houston emailed quite a while back and said they would cover the trial. For all I know he could be out now with time served, but surely not! I know for most of you who are waiting for justice, especially those of you offshore, this would be completely unacceptable.

I don't know why anyone would support this guy, if he is guilty. A lot of you have expressed a level of outrage, and all I can say is some of us are easily impressed with tawdry soap opera dreams that have run dry and fell far short of the intended target. Gotta tell ya, it doesn't move me an inch; I could care less about that "pie in the sky" hopeless, and phony, distraction.

What truly should matter to the human conscience is the cry of a child abused in this horrific manner. What you believe about a person's character, their upbringing, the town they hail from, or the people they befriend is no longer of any relevance once they are a party to something this miserable and insidious.

Suddenly it becomes important to reevaluate the entire picture.

So, for my dear readers, I guess I will get out there and find out what happened to this accused nasty child molester. I am not afraid to tell you, I hope he gets the longest prison sentence in the world. I hope he gets locked up until the end of time. I don't care who cries, or who gripes, or who it costs, I just want this pervert off the streets forever.

Other than that, people aren't looking for much from my blog. After this mess is over, I may start a new and fresh batch of blogs. I am tired of "Tribute to Texas." I really only meant to write on it to irritate the people in my townhome association. I intended to use it as a kind of satire...maybe I should be honest. I intended to be sarcastic. Whatever I meant to do, I started to enjoy it.

It's a lot of fun keeping up with something like this, and I am proud of a couple of my posts, but most of them I really hate. People tell me, "O, LaWanda, you should write more! You are a 'great' writer." I have to admit, I don't think those people read much!

Finding a topic to write on is the hardest part. You have to nearly dedicate yourself to a project. I could write every week on the Sealy News. I find that it is the worst local paper in the history of Texas, maybe in the history of the world. They spent 716 words writing on a stupid ugly lamp they made, while they only used 318 words on a mother and her son murdered on the side of the road by a drunken driver (Katherine and Kendall Addison).

 I can't understand why the editor thinks anyone would care if one solitary soul is sticking up for our appointed school superintendent. They spent part of the front page, and carried this over into the folds of the paper (way back in there) so far I got sick of counting wasted words. You have to ask, "Why is this crap news?" Besides, he was appointed...they only ran the vacancy on the professional educators website for two weeks. They interviewed one other candidate...come on people, we are not all born last night. We are not that easy to fool. Maybe now they all have buyers remorse. Whatever the case, that story did not deserve the spread it received. It was totally ridiculous. Or maybe I should give the editor some respect. Maybe she was serving up her own dish of satire/sarcasm???

Thank you for continuing to support my badly written commentary. I hope you will continue to read me until I put "A Tribute to Texas" to rest. In the meantime, I have something I am working on...keep watching.


Stephen Wayne Sudduth Status Conference Hearing

This morning I called down to the Southern District Court to find out the latest on the Sudduth trial. All I was able to learn is that they had a "status conference hearing" yesterday. All of this information is public record. I could go to the Court today and view the documents myself. I have an important test tonight, but if I feel confident enough to kill a little time, I will head downtown.

I know all of you are interested in this important case.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Dog Walking: the route to success?

Tonight I am almost too tired to write. But certain symbols of mundane everyday life keep passing by the eye of my mind. I know until I indulge myself sleep will elude me. So now I must banter on about something as strange as parantheses on a woman's on each side, a perfect closure for a mouth much too wide.

Some say I am too fixated on dog walking. I worry about my own Scottish friend, and the cow dog up the street, a small chihuahua flouncing about the parking lot, and a tiny mixed luxury dog enduring trip after trip to Marek's Vet Clinic, hastily ratcheting up a huge bill for its owner.

I know how angry and confused the dogwalking crowd feels; often I am in that box myself; however, I don't cater to purveyors of child pornography, or old witches intent on the destruction of innocent life.

This week a Court in Houston sentenced some pervert to 200 years for child pornography. His sentence made me smile...I hope our local accused pervert (Stephen Wayne Sudduth) suffers a fate even more harsh. All of this in the shadows of our local school, imbedded in the community, a part of each person walking the dog.

As for me, the people who love me know I am simply "kicking the can." I rarely "walk the dog," unless it is understood I am pulling a load...then, indeed, I am "walking the dog."

Can all of this be the route to success? Can you bypass a college loan, or shun learning a valuable vocation, and simply walk the dog into financial security buffered by taxpayer money? I think it's least in Sealy.

Good night you fellow can kickers...I love you!

Trucking, Child Predators, and Politics: too much PC rhetoric?

Obama is without a doubt the most butt kissing president we have ever experienced. When Calderone was here last month from Mexico, he practically licked his boots on this cross border trucking deal. All of this makes me very suspicious, and it is so outlandishly unfair to the American trucking industry. We are giving the Mexicans our marketplace, and they have handed us nothing. When we signed onto the NAFTA agreement 20 some years ago, no one would have believed that Mexico would have descended into the corrupt bloodbath it is now. In last night's Houston Chronicle (left leaning and highly supportive of the Mexican invasion into American trucking) the article stated the United States Department of Transportation would spend millions to outfit Mexican trucks with tracking devices so the public could be assured of safety. How ridiculous! If this is true, then we are paying millions in tax dollars for equipment that will rob us of American jobs. Our own truckers can't even safely travel to Juarez in a taxi to visit the famous bordellos anymore. All of this is blatantly unfair!

It reminds me of the female science teacher busted this week in Fort Bend Independent School District. I read about her mess, and then I was shocked to learn it was a female on female molestation. The weirdest things take place in our new politically correct world. The paper was so "deadpan" on this issue, you almost wouldn't even have noticed it was a female on female molestation unless you read it super carefully. We are so polite these days...almost to the point of glossing over important details. We can allow Mexico to push our president around in public, and truly perverted people weasle their way into mainstream society--all of this in the name of 'tolerance.'

Probably the most disgusting spectacle ocurred this week with the budget discussion. The whole mess was one big bribe, one side against the other. It had nothing to do with real money, just ideology. If we really want to quit spending money, let's just get out of Iraq. We didn't have any business over there in the first place, and we rolled Hussein into his grave eons ago. Let's secure our country, find out who in the heck is here, and get on with our business before we end up like Tom Cruise in "The War of the Worlds."

Remember how all of that mess just came blowing up out of the ground while ultra handsome Tom Cruise stood in disbelief? It was a really scary movie!

Stephen Wayne Sudduth Trial Next May

Looks like Sudduth is getting another delay. I don't know if his attorneys asked for this one, or if it was the United States. It doesn't really matter, because for the children involved, justice delayed is truly justice denied. I can't understand why an important media figure doesn't pick this case to follow. If the allegations against Sudduth are true, then he is a dangerous and calculating child predator. The fact that he was a long time Texas educator should be of national importance when you consider the size of his child pornography collection, his desire to share his depravity, and his participation in filming these perversions. Not only that, child pornography is quickly becoming a disgusting epidemic that threatens the very fiber of our civilization. Once we accept predators into our mainstream society, then we have lost our only basis for survival: the protection of our children.

Child predators are constantly attempting to gain acceptance into mainstream society.











Stephen Wayne Sudduth: What the heck is going on?

I know many of you are curious about what is going on with the Stephen Sudduth federal child pornography case. I honestly do not know. Monday I plan on making a call to get an update.

If I was home, and not working 18 hours a day, I would have more accurate and up to date information to share with all of you. i apologize for not keeping this more current. I am proud of all of you who have cared enough to recognize the importance of this particular case. If the allegations against Sudduth are true, then he is indeed a very dangerous and calculating, local, child predator.

Visiting with Sealy women in his age group is interesting. He was the heartthrob of many a girl. However, some of them have said they were becoming more suspicious of his sexual orientations long before this case ever came to light. It is possible that among the local women a holdout or two still exist. For those people, I recommend therapy.

Well that's it for now. My boss is waiting on paperwork from me for work done in California. If I don't get to the fax machine, I may end up with more free time than I really want!

Stephen Wayne Sudduth Federal Trial Information

The Houston area, including Austin County, is covered by the United States Court at 515 Rusk Avenue, Houston, Texas.

This is the location of the United States vs Stephen Wayne Sudduth federal trial.

He is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on November 15th, 2010, at 9:00 am.

Jury selection is to begin November 29th, 2010.

He has not vanished into the mist as many of us were led to believe. He is scheduled to face justice. According to the Attorney General's Office, once the Federal Court has finished prosecuting Sudduth, he will be returned to Austin County to face charges. "Nothing is written in stone," but this is the current plan of action.

Hopefully, someone from the Sealy News will be available to cover this important event.

Of course, I am using sarcasm, something I should avoid!

Does Texas have Secret Trials?: Stephen Wayne Sudduth et al.

Since I have been spending most of my time on the road, it has been hard for me to get information about the Stephen Wayne Sudduth accused child porn pervert's upcoming federal trial. A source at the Austin County Court claims he is in federal custody...a highly regarded customer like Sudduth is squeezed away into a "secret" and "safe" location I one will say exactly where he is...I am guessing it is not the "SuperMax!"

As far as an upcoming trial and its location...more vague and confusing details. The information is so meager it is practically nonexistent. He might have something in November, but no one knows where and what it will be...this is ridiculous.

This "lack of transparency" makes me wonder, "Does Texas have secret trials?" Surely I am living in the United States of America, a place where child molesters are treated like everyone else. Or am I in Russia? No, wait, the Russians would probably make someone like Sudduth disappear, but in a different and less complicated way.

It is possible the Sealy News is as confused as I am. Maybe I have been too hard on our local paper. According to a source in the District Attorney's office, Austin County will not be prosecuting Sudduth, the feds will be doing this job. The logistics are important because of the international aspect to the case.

I still do not understand why the Sealy News isn't using its resources to follow these details and inform the public. When Sudduth has completed his sentence, he will likely move back to the Sealy area. This is a chilling thought when one considers the accusations against him: a preference for little girls, and his "hands on" approach to child pornography.