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Last Night's Movie: Don't Bother!

What a disgusting experience I had last night at the movie theater! I've been stuck in the house all week with strep throat, so going to the movies was a big outing for me, and I was really pumped. We ordered our tickets online, and when we got there the seats beside us were still empty. I could barely contain my excitement because I have been feeling awful all week, and now I was out in the world again, somewhat recovered. Finally, right after the movie started, this couple in their forties or fifties sits down beside us. She takes the seat next to me, so she is on my left, and my teenager is on my right. Since you have to reserve your seats online at this theater, moving was out of the question.

We were there to see Allied with Brad Pitt, and the plot is rather romantic because these two adventurous spies become lovers and get married. As soon as the Nazi spy gives birth to a little girl, this incredibly sappy and sentimental woman beside me starts clutching her overly protective, 1950's-style husband's arm, and leaning into him she starts crying happy tears. It was awful. I was in this surreal situation, almost like the phony acting, overplayed characters had moved off the screen and into the seats beside me. First of all, the movie just isn't that great. The whole plot is quite predictable and not really all that exciting, and I have little or no sympathy for traitors and spies anyway. Since both main characters are spies and traitors, the movie really lacks a cool hero. I can't understand why anybody would identify with spies and traitors, but the weepy woman sitting beside me last night certainly does. 

This got me to thinking about the superficial lives some people live. Maybe this woman just needs to read more, or get out of Houston. Maybe her life is too easy and simple. And, obviously, she is spoilt and overprotected. I couldn't believe how her poor husband was acting. I lost count of how many times he had to get out of his seat and walk in front of us to go grab her some tissues, or get the waiter. He obviously felt like his identity was somehow tied into her overreaction to a somewhat dull movie because he was so sappy solicitous. I honestly thought he was going to start lifting her beer glass up for her and start giving her little sips. The whole display was disgusting.

This couple was well-dressed, and in good physical health. She didn't come into the movie acting emotionally distraught. When she sat down, she seemed unhappy with her seat, like she didn't want to sit beside me, but I just ignored her--well, until it became impossible to ignore her.

They ordered a lot of food, and we had already been served pizza and popcorn. She made me so nervous, I could hardly stay out of the popcorn, and I even found myself nibbling on pizza crust just to relieve my anxiety. I felt sicker, in more numerous ways, when I got home just because of what I endured at the theater.

Honestly, I guess I am rather offended by artificial and overdone displays of affection, and I really believe that was the situation last night. I was sitting beside a woman that had probably never done a single thing on her own. It's possible that she had never lived alone for any significant amount of time. She probably never travelled alone, studied alone, or thought her own thoughts. Her "family" was probably her entire life. I know some will disagree, but I think total dependence is a wasted life. If you are that moved by a mediocre, Hollywood movie, then your emotions are out of balance. You are at risk of looking like a fool, and learning that strangers are embarrassed for you.

I know lots of couples that have lived together forever and had kids, grandkids, and enjoyed their lives. But I have only known a few women in my lifetime that have been completely dependent on a man for every decision, every dollar, and every activity. 

I am grateful that the men in my life encouraged me to get out and do things on my own. Maybe the techniques they used were tough, and maybe some of them didn't realize they were actually helping me, but I am proud that I am not the kind of woman that crumbles during a silly movie. Especially not this just isn't very meaningful, and it lacks depth and sincerity. Much like the characters in the seats beside me...they were totally inconvenienced by each other's dependence. It was sickening! 

I need another week off!


Two Dogs Peein’ on a Post

I ain't never smelt so much cat litter as what I smell right now comin' outa that ole hags 'partment!

Yea, but that nasty old dried up cat hadn't seed the light a' day since God knowed when.

Them ole biddies too worried 'bout what they young neighbors are a doin' to smell themselves.

They worried 'bout a picnic table.

A picnic table?

Yea, they worried somebody might gather 'round the picnic table out here at the dog area and start addin' two plus two…minus the white-out.

The hot Texas sun beat down on two old dogs peein' on a post. One was ragged with his hair all reddish brown, but the other one had a grey withered muzzle. They were both wise to the ways of humans full of false self-importance. The miserable dry wind blew around the hungry ole dog's legs, but a kind Hispanic woman reached over and flipped on the sprinkler before she shooed them out of the way.

Something was smellin' around the 'partment: maybe the dumpster, the nasty ole cat, or just the filth of the ole biddies breath; whatever it was, the dogs who were peein' on a post wisely sniffed along.

Meanwhile, old tongues were waggin' their lies, while dog's tails whipped the air.

"You can't stop what is comin.'" (phrase borrowed from the film "No Country for Old Men")

Thoughts on Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu is indeed "lucky" the cops didn't show up for her St. Patrick's Day striptease at Dealey Plaza. Many can argue her video is a piece of exhibitionism and not art. However, she brings up a topic we don't discuss as often as we should. "Groupthink," and its close cousin "character assassination," is typically used by people hoping to destroy another person's credibility. We all know how it works, and many of us have been victims of this behavior. If you dare to speak out against abuse, unmitigated nosiness, and pettiness, then you too may find yourself in the "crosshairs" of some unimaginative character attack. I don't know if Erykah is really focusing on her own personal experiences, or if she is trying to communicate a larger societal problem. No matter what her motives were, she has certainly created some controversy. If you are different, then you are a potential target.

Unless you are well educated, or have been a target of "group think" yourself, you may not even realize you are participating in this act of ignorance and cruelty. If you are knowingly advocating an unfair and ganglike attack on an individual, then chances are you may never suffer a just punishment. We tend to overlook this social ill. But, from a larger perspective, this garden variety tool has been used by some pretty large players. Maybe I am referring to the tactics employed by Fox News and its personalities: Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, et al. The truth is I hate to single them out; almost everyone has been guilty during the health care debate.

We can never overlook the dangers of "groupthink" and the herd mentality. This is the same type of thinking that causes innocent people to get hurt: Salem witch trials, The Holocaust, and even small town shame and ignorance.

For a better understanding of "group think" do a little research.

Toning Down the Oscars

Gosh, I thought they were going to tone down the Oscars this year. I am watching them right now, and they are just as glamorous and beautiful as ever, even more so. The settings are spectacular, the hosts are funnier than ever, the gowns are absolutely sensational, and ten films are in the race, the most nominated since 1943.

They did a tribute to our scariest horror films of all time; now that I am spooked, my dog walk around the property should be a bit more interesting than usual; I am such a lightening rod for controversy. A ghastly figure on a moped may chase me down, followed by an old witch holding a plastic pot full of bones yelling, "You should move, you should just mooovvee!!!!"  

Whatever hateful backbiting I must endure from the old neighborhood gossips, tonight I am really enjoying the 82nd Academy Awards. I have my soft little dog, a nice gin, a bowl of popcorn, and a nice big Vizio television. This year I have had a chance to catch up on bookoo movies, television, my favorite stars, popular plays, wonderful literature, and fabulous costumes via the internet. My taste really hasn't changed much: Jessica Parker is still a bland blah, but Sandra Bullock is a queen of glamour, style, and grace. Edward is more handsome than Jacob; yet, I am still in love with Jack. However, Jeff Bridges wins Actor in a leading role making him the man-of-the-night with a beautiful wife.

Sandra Bullock wins the nomination for best leading actress for the film, "The Blindside." She is absolutely an artist to the depth of her soul. For the first time a woman won an Academy award for best director: Kathryn Bigelow for the film, "The Hurt Locker." The success of this film is profound. Kathryn's film was about the topic of war; she's a big winner in a very male dominated industry.

She has won Best Picture. She is on fire!

Wow, What a Cool (NO HOT) Movie!

We went to see this thing tonight, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." Away we went from all of the hideous news, the torrid economy, and the misery men put on us all, to a beautiful place in Oregon where the werewolves and vampires roam. It was fun, beautiful, infused with meanings, themes of friendship, abandonment, true love, and innocence of heart. In the characters you will rediscover the friends and lovers of your own, remember the mistakes you made, and relive some of your childish fears. If you are young anyway, then you are going to love it even more.

The vampires are splendid, the werewolves are fabulous. Just go see it. See it on the big screen...see it NOW.