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Tiger Woods! Get a Club in Your Hand

I am not really sure Tiger Woods is a sex addict, and I don't really see how this affects his golf game. I am sure he can still play with his friends and colleagues, reap in millions, and go on to make Nike more famous than ever. His wife is a beauty, and can take care of business all by herself; so why did poor Tiger have to get up in front of the world and apologize? If you know me, well then, you already have the facts: I don't give a rat's behind about Tiger Woods, and golf even less. But it bothers me that his privacy has been violated like this, and he isn't exactly a preacher or politician...he is a sports figure! I don't care if he parties with the entire Dallas Cowboy's cheer-leading squad; he isn't a pedophile, and he actually likes women! To my knowledge none of his girlfriends are accusing him of rape. I think that makes him exceptional. Maybe he should never have gotten married, but that is between him and his wife.

Tiger Woods is talented. He absolutely has a gift. Maybe he is a little amorous with women who truck around a little underneath pun intended. But I believe we all need to stop thinking that what these famous sports people and television personalities do in their bedrooms has anything to do with the breakdown of regular society. He just needs to get on with his game, and tell the rest of the world to mind its own business.

Tiger Woods and "Where Were You Goin?!"

Golf and Tiger have never interested me much. I see them both as rather boring and spoilt, facets of American consumerism plodding towards some sports hell, where both are doomed to play forever. And it is surely possible Tiger was tempted by the night club singer, (whatever she was) and that his wife tried to throw a golf club through his lofty brain. But where he was going at 2:00 am is no one's business: not the highway patrol, not mine, yours, the press, or Katie Couric's. In fact, it is creepy that "where Tiger was headed at two am" is even a topic for discussion. His destination, as well as mine, and yours, are protected by the open society we live in. WE GO WHERE WE WISH....WHENEVER. It is not acceptable for anyone to ask him. I fear it is in the interest of CONTROL that the officials, Katie Couric, or anyone else would propose this question in its ideological form. As if we have some right to know where the man was going, and we simply DO NOT. He could have been headed out for a late night beer, or a bottle of Tylenol. We have a right to speculate in our imagination, but no legal, or ethical, right to know. I hope someone stands up and defends his right to a private destination immediately. I am tired of my rights slowly stripping into an obscene media twisted perversion of their former selves. Where I go will always be my business. I don't blame Tiger for keeping his mouth shut; I hope he never tells us where he was goin'!