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Making Excuses and Missing Joan Rivers

English teachers never have enough time to write; I wonder if this a conspiracy from the left wing education reform movement to silence the big voices in education, and stifle public discourse. You can only help change the world for the better if you know something is wrong; if those in power have hoodwinked the public then how do we alert an opposing force? Maybe there is a conspiracy, but it has nothing to do with me. Maybe I have dropped the ball on my Tweet Critique, and maybe I should just stop complaining and get back to writing. After all, in only a few minutes I can crank out a decent Tweet Critique on any of thousands of possible choices. It could be that I have done little or no writing because I am depressed. When I get the blues, it is hard for me to communicate to my readers. I feel stifled and sad, emotionally drained, and my fingers have lead weights on their tips rather than polished little nails, and they are tired and sore from typing plans and parent emails. I am done with depression. The solution is not mine to solve. the problem is not mine to fix. The day is not mine to change. I am merely along for the ride, and my ultimate destiny is unknown. I think I will start to write again. After all, Joan Rivers has died.

Casey Anthony and other assorted Liars

Frightening how many people will lie, and the lengths they will go to in order to twist facts and alter conclusions, but nothing lives longer than the truth. You can obscure the truth and hide it behind words, comments, and confusion; inevitably it lives longer than life itself. The truth is not one thing to someone, and another thing to someone else. The truth is the fact of any given situation. It is powered with physical and verbal evidence; it simply is.

Eye witness testimony has been responsible for the downfall of many an innocent victim. When the police want to convict someone for reasons beyond our understanding, then they foster the word of one who is willing to lie, fabricate, or otherwise manipulate the truth. The police will cherry pick their witnesses in order to slant a critical fact. The problem is, these liars come in all cloths, and we can never know for sure when one is willing to sell his/her soul. Most often it is someone with an otherwise failed life: an underachieving clerical worker, jailbird, or an attention seeker; sometimes, people lie for money.

Casey Anthony is simply a pathological liar. How do you get to that point? Maybe it starts with your parents, and maybe it is something she does for gain. Whatever the case, I believe we are primarily fascinated with her outrageously morbid lies. Her mouth outstages her actions somehow; it is so grossly false.

The lies the American public has recently witnessed are truly frightening in their scope and depth: Governor Arnold, Casey, her parents, Weiner....and on, and on! They are not generic, run of the mill fibs uttered from fear, or for cover. They are full blown horrific lies with severe consequences. In fact, these are the kinds of lies that ruin lives by the score.

My own life has been deeply affected by the lies told against me. I wish I could change the aspersions, the misconceptions, stereotype, and the completely false statements, cruel, and unconscionable people have wielded against my name. Maybe I still can. I am happy I have never falsely accused anyone.

In the meantime, I sit here horrified and fascinated, perplexed by the enormity of the lies around me. I wonder why, when the truth is so simple and clean, armored with its own physical evidence...the way it is. Casey Anthony, and others like her, will eventually realize the truth is never as elusive as they believe. It is in every corner of the lives forever. The evidence is undeniable. I am mystified.

Michelle Bachman: Laughable Really

This morning I watched "Face the Nation" host Bob Schieffer interview Michelle Bachman. This is an incredibly egoistic, holier than thou, teabagger who appears to honestly believe no one deserves any credit for her 'self proclaimed' success. She is one of these people who have been able to take advantage of all of the best educational and financial opportunities available, yet, she is somehow above the majority of Americans who struggle with healthcare, education, and financial issues each and everyday.

She would proudly kick healthcare reform and return all of us back to the days of big insurance death panels in her endeavour to support 'business' and capitalism. She claims all Americans do not want "Obamacare" but she neglects to mention the 40 million citizens stuck in the crack with no hope for decent health insurance if reform is repealled.

Schieffer called her out on her lies, but instead of answering directly, she opted to incriminate Obama instead. With ethics like hers, we would indeed be in trouble. If she was caught stealing a candy bar, she would blame it on her shopping partner. When asked if she was misleading the public with certain statements such as, "Obama has issued only 1 offshore drilling permit" when he had, in fact, issued 270 at the time of her false accusation, she stumbled off onto another Obama rant with unemployment figures as the subject matter.

She proudly informed Bob that she was a Christian that God speaks to. God tells Bachman to lie, I would guess. Whatever the case, I feel Michelle Bachman should consider becoming a patient in one of her own mental health clinics. A brain as rattled as hers does not belong in politics.

Abercrombie Kids...Whoa, is this for real?

I just finished looking at the Abercrombie Kids website. This morning CNN was talking about the scandalous swim bikini is marketed to girls as young as seven. I have to admit I was shocked by the removable padding. The frilly top is just as bad. It's designed to make a little bitty girl look like she has breasts. What in the world is wrong with people these days? I can't believe a kid of seven needs a push up with padding. What a disgusting, and tasteless, burden to put on a young girl.

I don't have time to really go into all of the reasons why I am offended and disturbed by the bikini line. All I have time for now is to ask you to go look for yourself. Imagine a little girl wearing that stuff. It is just a bit much in my humble opinion.

I believe little girls should be allowed their innocence. These little padded bikinis definitely send the wrong message. Why does Abercrombie and Fitch have to stoop so low?

Glenn Beck is Making Me Laugh

I have been listening to Glenn Beck morning and night since that deranged man shot up the "Congress in the Corner" event in Tucson. I am starting to worry; Beck sounds more fanatical than ever. I like Beck, but now I am beginning to understand what it is about him that worries the left. He does sound rather hateful in tone, and he seems overly emotional about healthcare. First of all, healthcare reform is not socialized medicine. Since I have had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of socialized medicine while living in Canada, I can tell you for sure that what we are getting in the USA is not the same thing. To equate the two is a darn lie, and I am ultra tired of hearing all of the fabrications.

Beck, and the rest of the Palin Fox News crew, are paid to derail the Patient's Bill of Rights, and the upcoming healthcare reforms. This is why they are so fanatical. I honestly believe they will receive a huge payday if repeal is successful. 

Whatever the case, people on every side of the political spectrum felt offended by the crosshairs on Palin's tacky little map. She was asked months ago to remove that rubbish from the public eye; she refused. Now the ultra right wing, holier than thou, thuggy, Palin group has been forced to a nasty awakening: even democrats bleed red.

I believe the Fox group has cast a pall over our nation. I have listened to their words, the tone, and the usage. I have felt offended, and sometimes frightened by their hateful rhetoric. What they are doing is similar to gossip and personal attacks. They have literally "ganged up" on issues and individuals in order to derail healthcare reforms. They have not dealt with the facts; they have simply used emotion. They cast logic and science to the wind...math is meaningless. They will say, or do, literally anything to stop healthcare reform. Why?

Sealy News and Stephen Sudduth Pretrial

I noticed a huge uptick in website hits on July 7 and 8. I know this is because my readers are anxious to hear what is happening with the Stephen Sudduth accused kiddie porn pervert pretrial hearing. I apologize for missing this important date. As most of you know, I have been working around the country and I have been unable to visit the local Court.

The truth is, I really believed in my heart that the Sealy News would pick up this important story. I guess I ignored this moment intentionally wondering about the outcome. It was, of course, predictable. For whatever misguided reason the local paper has failed to follow up on this important story. I believe it is a cultural problem. If I were a child predator, I would look to Sealy for habitation. It has an inviting atmosphere...

I am about as popular around here as a great case of incurable gonorrhea. However, I intend to stay the course because I have a monetary investment in this rather sordid community. If I witnessed the appropriate level of outrage concerning this event and others, then my attitude would probably give way to something more amiable.

What we all must remember is that many great people live around the Sealy area. They too sit in amazement while the local scum revels in illusions of grandeur believing in their very limited vision and wisdom.

Can you tell I am a very angry mother? I am disgusted by this turning of the nose and refusal to face the facts.

Put on your flip flops you cowardly pissants of orderly shame; the rest of us are giggling at your apathetic and ignorant snake handling.

Tiger Woods and "Where Were You Goin?!"

Golf and Tiger have never interested me much. I see them both as rather boring and spoilt, facets of American consumerism plodding towards some sports hell, where both are doomed to play forever. And it is surely possible Tiger was tempted by the night club singer, (whatever she was) and that his wife tried to throw a golf club through his lofty brain. But where he was going at 2:00 am is no one's business: not the highway patrol, not mine, yours, the press, or Katie Couric's. In fact, it is creepy that "where Tiger was headed at two am" is even a topic for discussion. His destination, as well as mine, and yours, are protected by the open society we live in. WE GO WHERE WE WISH....WHENEVER. It is not acceptable for anyone to ask him. I fear it is in the interest of CONTROL that the officials, Katie Couric, or anyone else would propose this question in its ideological form. As if we have some right to know where the man was going, and we simply DO NOT. He could have been headed out for a late night beer, or a bottle of Tylenol. We have a right to speculate in our imagination, but no legal, or ethical, right to know. I hope someone stands up and defends his right to a private destination immediately. I am tired of my rights slowly stripping into an obscene media twisted perversion of their former selves. Where I go will always be my business. I don't blame Tiger for keeping his mouth shut; I hope he never tells us where he was goin'!

Her Plastic Lips

Tonight an actress is on television telling a ghost story through lips as false as her tale. Plastic, plumped, and collagen-filled lumps grotesquely flapping up and down; she looks absolutely clownish. What I would like to know, is how do you get paid for telling lies through a fake mouth? And if the tenor is the idea (or lie) communicated, and the vehicle the vessel used to convey, then, indeed, we have a metaphor. Maybe if you were a chronic liar (we all know at least one) your lips could become your conceit. But rather than write your conceit into a poem, you simply wear it on your face, a scarlet letter of sorts. And as we travel through life, and we become wiser, we can employ humor when stricken by lies, conceits, of those who simmer in comtemptuous buffoonery, greed, and who conspire to destroy our relationships and opportunity.

Down through time our ancestors have argued the folly of human indignity--we have asked for merciful, and honest appraisal, and acceptance of facts not changed by a fake mouth. And even at those darkest of times, our facts, our truths, often will speak for themselves.

And from Proverbs we receive some words of beauty, grace, and you are advised to follow:

Wisdom cries aloud in the street;

in the markets she raises her voice;

on the top of the walls she cries out;

at the entrance of the city gates she speaks:

"How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple?

How long will scoffers delight in their scoffing

and fools hate knowledge?...."