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Twitter Account: Anonymous

Tonight I want to tell you about the Twitter account, Anonymous @YourAnonNews. First of all, Anonymous is very intriguing with shadowy undertones, blended strangely with common sense, and fiery rebellion. I honestly love following this account. They lean left, and are progressive fighters for internet freedoms.

During the day, they will hook you up with news you would never hear about from the big few: CNN, PBS, FOX, MSNBC, BBC et al. Tonight, for example, they posted a link to a blog, originally posted on Salon, featuring a child injured by a SWAT grenade that was fired into his crib during a drug bust that netted nothing.

Anonymous has recently taken on techie preppy, Mark Zuckerburg, of Facebook fame. If Anonymous is right, and Zuckerburg is tracking my web browsing history, and mining my personal data even when I am not on his site, then maybe I should disconnect my FB account and clear my cache.

If you want to follow dissension in real time, and enjoy a few laughs along the way, then Anonymous is definitely for you. They ride the two big acronyms (FBI and CIA) like camels, exposing numerous internal scandals and interesting tidbits. Recently, they have focused on some moves made by the internet giant Google, and they are currently following activist sit-ins at corporate in Seattle, Washington.

I don't really know what "net neutrality" means, so I will remain silent except to say that this is one of the contentious internet discussions currently highlighted by the activists in Seattle. You should stop and think about it though: we are giving up a lot of internet privileges, we are cramming personal data and documents into Google accounts, and we are constantly under surveillance in unimaginable ways as demonstrated by Snowden.

Join the 1.2 million souls currently following Anonymous--enjoy the intrigue, and think about the valuable information.

My Blackberry

What is the one gadget that you can't live without?

When I put my Blackberry in a different skin, or case, I feel like I am dressing a child. For three years I have had my 8830. It has outlasted numerous new acquaintances, and it has paid for itself over and over. When I first learned how to send and receive shipping documents, billing receipts, email, and search for loads on the thing, I was so excited it rarely left my sight. I spent more time gazing at the new love of my life than I did looking down the road. Just this week I have made grocery money on my Blackberry, and I have received news, coupons from Kathy, emails, and dirty jokes from my friend Rocky up at Lubbock.

The greatest accessory I ever bought for my Blackberry was the Freedom 2 Keyboard. It is bluetooth, folds out full size, and I carry it in a cute little leather case. Yes, I can sit in the doctor's office and send essays to my weblog. I can email, conduct business, or just play on the Instant Messenger; it's all good! My Blackberrry would probably last another three years, but I have started lusting after the Tour. It has a camera, and that means I can send photos to my weblog from wherever I am. My cute little boy wants a Blackberry, and I am thinking he can have one later. With a new contract from Sprint, I can get him a Curve for free. That means I can track his every move...hmm...nice technology.

Well that's it for tonight. I hope all of you are safe and warm wherever you are.